Recycle Your Art!

Recycle Your Art!
Turning items that can be recycled is a wonderful way to help the environment and enjoy art with your homeschooler. Below you will find a few projects that are perfect for using outdated calendars and brown paper grocery bags. Have fun!

Calendar Picture Bookmarks

Turn your old calendar photos into bookmarks for your family and friends. These make excellent gifts and are always useful.

Supplies Needed:
Old calendar photos
Drawing materials
Scrap card stock
Glue stick
Paper cutter/Scissors

Choose the calendar photo you wish to use for your bookmark, and cut it to measure 2” x 5". Also choose a color of card stock and measure it, plus cut it to 2” x 5”. Glue the calendar photo paper onto the card stock, and trim (if needed have an adult help). Those of you with laminating machines can laminate these as well, but they are perfect as is, too!

Brown Bag Paper Mache Bowl

Turn the brown grocery bags you get into a really cool paper mache bowl!

Supplies Needed:
Wallpaper paste
Black or brown acrylic paint
Wax paper
Plastic wrap
Masking tape
Lightweight, brown paper bags
Small glass or ceramic bowl
Plastic container for paste
Paint supplies- brushes and pan

Cover your workspace with either newspapers or old magazines. Also lay out a sheet of wax paper. Cover the outside, and the rim of the bowl with plastic wrap. Smooth it, pull the wrap tight, and tape it to the inside of the bowl. Next place the bowl upside down on the wax paper. Mix the wallpaper paste as directed according to the manufacturer's directions.

The brown bag will be the first layer of paper applied to your bowl. If you need to soften the bag tightly roll the paper into a ball, then smooth it out. Tear the paper into small squares or rectangles. Next, dip a paper strip into the mixture, and remove the extra paste by running the strip between your fingers and thumb.

Starting at the bottom or the rim, lay the strip onto the bowl and smooth it out. Repeat with another strip, and be sure to slightly overlap the first one. Continue pasting the paper in this way all around the rim of the bowl. When you have finished, cover the rest of the bowl with strips of brown paper.

Next apply a layer of black and white newsprint starting at the rim, as before. Paste a layer of the newspaper around the bowl and continue alternating between the newsprint sheets until you've pasted at least four layers to the form.

Finish the project by applying one final layer of brown bag paper. Allow the bowl to dry for at least twelve hours. Then remove the bowl from the mache form, and finish the rim by pasting brown paper all around the edge. When the bowl has completely dried you are ready to paint with your homeschooler.
This is a project worth the wait!

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