5 Things A Depressed Person Doesn't Need To Hear

5 Things A Depressed Person Doesn't Need To Hear

Get Over It

No one wants to hear from the happiest person in the world that they just need to get over their depression. Usually friends and family that say things like that - are frustrated with their loved one, primarily because depression is hard to understand if you don't suffer from it. No one would tell someone with Lupus to just get over it, now would they?

All You Need Is Sex

While I love having sex like most human beings, and yes while sex can be a mood lifter (and a nice workout:), it is NOT a cure for depression. The day that happens, no one will go to work - every couple in the world will call out sick and play with their partners all day:)

You're Depressing

You think! Yes, I am depressing because I HAVE DEPRESSION. Can it be any more basic than that? If you don't want to be around a person whose energy does not match your own - then walk away. If it is a family member, know that you will have to deal with that person in moderation. Telling them that they are depressing will only exacerbate their issues - not improve them.

What's Wrong With You?

If you are asking this question on a daily or weekly basis, chances are that person is suffering from depression but hasn't discussed it with you because depression is a very private and personal battle. Use a bit of common sense - if you are asking on a regular basis, then obviously something is wrong. Asking someone everyday what is wrong with them will only make them more self-conscious of how they appear to people. Again, only exacerbating the depression.

You Should See A Therapist

Most people with depression know what a psychiatrist, psychologist, etc is. They know what they do for a living and all of that. And many have either tried or considered psychotherapy. So guess what? We know all about it and have either tried it, are considering it, or have no desire to see one. You are not telling us anything new!

*Have any more to add to the list? (Go to the depression forum and add your two cents!)

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