Avoid the Conversation on Personal Hygiene

Avoid the Conversation on Personal Hygiene
Ask any manager what conversation that they dread the most with an employee and it will undoubtedly be about personal hygiene and grooming. There is no nice way to tell an employee that they have an odor or cleanliness problem. As difficult as it is for the employer, it’s extremely embarrassing for the employee. To avoid being a target for this conversation, follow these simple personal hygiene and grooming tips when getting ready for work.

Double check for body odor.
Body odor is one of the top offenses in the workplace. Keep in mind that there are times when ethnicity may play a role. It’s imperative, however, to take charge of any controllable body odor factors. Make sure that your clothes are laundered on a regular basis. If your clothes are dry clean only, try using one of those over the counter freshness products in between cleanings. When deciding between antiperspirant or deodorant, make sure you use the correct product.

There are times when bad breathe is not controllable.
Gum disease or other illnesses can often manifest itself in an offensive odor. Check with your dentist to see if there are any products that can help. If you are a heavy coffee drinker or smoke cigarettes, the problem is controllable for the most part. If you’re going into a situation that requires close contact, do not smoke or drink immediately before. The odor will not only cause bad breath but permeate your clothes as well. If you need a quick breath fix, drink water or eat an apple if it’s convenient. Do a quick check by licking your hand, let it dry and take a whiff.

Keep your nails and hands clean.
If you use your hands to illustrate your point, make sure that your nails and hands are clean. Nothing is more unattractive than seeing dirty nails making points in the air. Also make sure that you wash your hands each time you use the restroom.

Control your dandruff.
Have you ever sat next to someone wearing dark colors in a meeting only to notice the tons of white dandruff flecks adorning their shoulders? Do they ever flick their shoulders in your direction to unleash a dandruff snowstorm in your direction? There are inexpensive over the counter cures to the dandruff problem.

Hygiene and grooming issues are topics that most managers try to steer clear of. It’s never a win-win situation and both parties may end up feeling uncomfortable working with each other. Often times the conversation is the result of complaints from other co-workers who are upset by the offensive hygiene habits. Good grooming and hygiene habits do not cost a lot of money. By taking a little bit of time to become self aware, you can prevent being the focal point of the hygiene conversation.

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