Earth Angels

Earth Angels
Do you ever feel like the Mother Ship dropped you off on a foriegn planet, waiting earnestly for their return? Have you had a sense early in life about a mission you had been sent here to do? If so, then you just might be an Earth Angel!

In the name of humanity and compelled to help and heal at virtually any age and cost, for the Earth Angel, the optimistic drive of love and hope may begin showing signs of unbalance. As self-denial transforms into clouded personal affairs, granting everyone else’s wish and command, the scales can quite easily begin to tip.

Earth Angels have a unique essence about them. In their purest form they are intuitive, empathic, sensitive and giving often to a fault, with the very concept of tragedy nipping at their heals. They may be nurses, holistic healers, counselors or something similar by nature while also providing this very role in close relationships.

Earth Angels will push themselves, giving their very best often to the point of self-infliction and emotional dismay. They will be compelled, without quite understanding why, to seek out and draw to them friendships and love relations in need of counsel and healing. The struggle then becomes when to say, "enough." Conflicting emotions begin surfacing as to whether or not they should stay, as the Earth Angel is pained by feeling their task is incomplete. They will run through cycles of guilt, feeling they should not put themselves first and will mistakenly feel there is a reason for running across a particular person's path in need and continue to give again and again to the same people who have hurt them in the past without a healthy and assertive “No.”

Without understanding why, very often these individuals will find cycles running virtually back to back carrying with them similar issues different people. If not careful the potential exists of a tired or broken spirit believing they were meant to be punished in some way by God or the Universe. What they may not understand is this type of exertion may jeopardize exactly the work they had come here to provide.

After leaving the safety of the angelic realm providing their well-meaning service to the Earth plane at such a critical time, it had been set into motion the familiarity of self-sacrifice. Because of the dimensional change, balance in this spiritual contract is often a distant memory forgetting that in order to help the many, it is not always case-wise to sacrifice a piece of the soul for the one or the few.

Angry incarnates or those who have returned to enjoy the material facets of this Earthly plane can be especially draining on the Angel, causing many in regards to comfort, tendencies to over eat, drink, smoke or other secret habits in soothing their pain. They may be so panic stricken that the very idea of meditation or prayer seems like an inconvenience in the amount of time it may take away from others around them.

To the outside world they may appear weak, insignificant or someone that can be taken advantage of. Though this is a risk an Earth Angel willingly takes when accepting their mission, rest assured this is an illusion, but often found to be one of the more difficult parts of the Earth Angel’s job. It may also be difficult or embarassing for an Earth Angel to accept money or help for their services. Again, it will benefit the Angel greatly to try to view the act of receiving graciously as a balancing agent should ever there exist a desire to quit a job they are unhappy with.

Just as easily as vindictiveness and selfishness can knock at the Earth Angel’s door, there are Others who have come to this Earthly plane precisely in the effort to help guide the Angel reminding them of their mission. They will lend support but with a firmer hand of direction. They will appear wise beyond their years, not of this world, stronger, more confident, less willing to accept excuses for certain behaviors and privy in their ability to see through people who may bring harm while pointing out a lesson in procrastination and delivery, allowing the Earth Angel to move on.

The Earth Angel may find comfort near large bodies of water. They will benefit from treating themselves to sea salt baths, aromatherapy, essential oils, and plants both in gardening and around the home. Believing the universe provides and allows for this type of support,will be key and something only the Earth Angel will be able to do. They will then go on to help other Earth Angels, supporting them and their mission as well.

On a final note, if you happen to run into one of these Earth Angels or be one, remember there is never a victim. Whether you take part for selfish means or walk away it is purely, in some manner, of mutual consent. Remembering the same consent exists to graciously take and recieve offers with it a retro grace a thousand fold.

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