Power Place - La Push, WA USA

Power Place -  La Push, WA  USA
In Native American Tradition the Earth is regarded as a living being and all aspects of the planet are considered sacred. The Earth is like a Mother to all of her inhabitants and she lovingly provides all that is needed through her precious resources. Tribal histories are rich with references of human interaction with the powerful forces of nature and the Peoples’ reverence for and appreciation of Mother Earth. The presence of the Great Spirit is seen in the mighty forces of nature. There is great beauty and power there. Tribal Traditions acknowledge and respect the power of the Four Clan Chiefs, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth and honors them as gifts from the Great Spirit.

Certain locations allow us to connect with these magnificent forces and become strengthened by the hand of our Creator. Sacred places and landmarks were chosen for vision quests, prayers, or rituals. One such power place is along the rugged coastline of the Pacific Ocean in Washington State.

Sacred are the cliffs and giant rock formations adorned in brilliant green moss, ferns, and evergreen trees. The view is of white-capped ocean waves blown by a misty powerful force. One cannot help but be totally present and focused in the moment while in the midst of such natural beauty. This is a place where your spirit can be strengthened and awakened amongst the lush ancient rain forest.

The magnificent spiritual qualities of this area have long been known to the oldest inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. Along this coastline is the tiny town of La Push, Washington. La Push is located in the most northwest point of the continental United States. La Push has been the home and hunting grounds of the Quileute Tribal Nation for thousands of years. Today, the Quileute People graciously share their magnificent ocean shore community with the world by providing tranquil resort accommodations. The Quileute Indian Reservation, in La Push, lies along the border of the Olympic National Forest. The sandy beach at La Push is called First Beach and provides spectacular views of a colorful sunset.

James Island can be seen from First Beach. James Island serves as the burial site for tribal chiefs. In the Quileute tribal language James Island is called “A-Ka-Lat” meaning “Top of the Rock.” The Quileute People were known as great whalers and during migration whales can be seen off shore in La Push. Bald Eagles, the symbols of spiritual power and illumination, can also be seen soaring along the water’s edge at First Beach.

La Push is a place where many of the Great Spirit’s creative and magnificent gifts are manifest. In Native American philosophy the four directions hold different powers. The West holds the powers of strength and introspection and is the place of all our tomorrows. It holds the season of renewal. Along with being as far west as possible, La Push is also an area that experiences a lot of natural activity. The feminine energy of a beautiful new moon pulls on the waves as high winds blow against the waters of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

La Push serves as a power place where one can go to rest and rejuvenate or journey on a spiritual quest. Regardless of which activities one chooses to enjoy while visiting La Push, chances are they will return with a renewed vision not only for their daily lives but in their life paths as well.

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