Homemade Vita-water recipe

Homemade Vita-water recipe
The main idea behind homemade Vita-water is simple; it's main purpose is hydration solely based on water, electrolytes, and micro-nutrients infused with a light yet satisfying flavor that doesn't contain any refined sugars, chemicals, or GMO products.

The water source for this recipe should be good, pure, filtered water. The idea is to make the Vita-water as clean and pure as possible. This is definitely a recipe in which you'll want to purchase organic fruits and vegetables for. We want all of the nutrition without any extras, such as pesticides and GMO products.

All fruits and vegetables need to be washed thoroughly before use. Just soak them in a sink filled with cold water and a cup of white vinegar for 15 minutes, even if they're organic. Rinse clean, and gently dry with a towel.

All additional add-ins should also be free of chemicals and GMO's. If you choose to infuse your Vita-water with tea like I do occasionally, make sure you are purchasing a verified organic brand with no plastic tea bags or pouches. The tea brand should also have the GMO-free stamp of approval on the box.

Ice is also a concern when making homemade Vita-water; most people forget to make ice with purified clean water! How many times have you filled the ice trays up with tap water, only to have ice cubes that you cannot see through, or ice cubes that have a slight white, flaky film on them? This is exactly what we don't want in our healthy, clean, nourishing Vita-water!

If you have a refrigerator that makes ice from filtered water, then you're already one step ahead! If not, then you can always start making ice with purified water. You'll notice that the finished product is crystal clear, unlike tap water ice. Just buy some ice cube trays at the dollar store, and use pure/filtered water to make the “clean” ice needed for this recipe.

Now, let's get started with this cool, refreshing, hydrating recipe! *Please note: This recipe needs to chill in the refrigerator overnight in order to be properly infused by the ingredients.



1 gallon glass jug with pour spout & secure lid
1 gallon pure/filtered water
3 cups ice (made with purified/filtered water)
1 small cucumber, skin on, sliced ¼ inch thick pieces
1 lemon, skin on, sliced ¼ inch pieces
1 small lime, skin on, sliced into quarters, visible membrane and seeds removed
1/8 cup raw, organic honey (check your region locally for organic honey)
½ teaspoon ground organic sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
Cayenne pepper, just a pinch


1. Pour 1 cup of the purified water into a small soup pan. Bring to a boil. Lower heat to simmer, and add honey. Simmer until honey is dissolved. Add sea salt (or Himalayan salt) and pinch of cayenne pepper. Continue to simmer until dissolved. Remove from heat, allow to cool to room temp.

2. Place ice in bottom of gallon size jug. Layer the lemon and cucumber slices on top of the ice.

3. Lightly squeeze all 4 lime quarters over lemon and cucumber slices. Place only one of the lime quarters on top of the lemon and cucumbers and throw the other 3 away; adding too much lime rind will make the water bitter.

4. Pour the cooled honey water over the ice, lemons, cucumber, and lime. Stir with a long spoon to incorporate.

5. Slowly pour the remaining gallon of purified water over the ice mixture. If you can't fit all of the water into the gallon jug, then just use the leftover water to make more ice!

6. Stir the ice water one last time, and secure lid on top of jug. Place jug inside refrigerator overnight so that the flavors and micro-nutrients can infuse the water properly.

7. Chill for at least 12 hours. Drink throughout the day to stay hydrated and refreshed!

*Makes 128 ounces per gallon, or 16 (8 ounce) servings.

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