Lalaloopsy Themed Word Problems

Lalaloopsy Themed Word Problems
Enjoy these Lalaloopsy themed problems with your homeschooler!

1. Jewel Sparkles met Mittens Fluff N Stuff at the pet store. They needed to buy 3 bags of a seed and nut mix for the week. Jewel Sparkles had $5.00 and Mittens Fluff N Stuff had $2.50. If the bag of mix costs $6.25, how much change would these gal pals get back?

2. Dot Starlight decided she wanted to get fresh greens for the salad Bea Spells a Lot was making later that night. If she needed 1/2 pound of carrots, and the carrots cost $4.40 per pound, how much money would she need to bring to the store?

3. Crumbs Sugar Cookie was late for her hair appointment. The appointment was for 2:30 pm, and it is now 2:20 pm. If it takes 27 minutes for Crumbs Sugar Cookie to walk to the beauty salon, when will she arrive? How many minutes late will she be?

4. Pillow Featherbed has gotten a cold and needs to rest in bed. Dot Starlight offers to get her a cup of vegetable soup. When ready to serve the soup, Dot Starlight realizes that the only serving size bowl she has is 1/4 cup. How many cups will she need to fill to give the entire cup to stuffy Pillow Featherbed?

5. Crumbs Sugar Cookie is excited to visit the beach while she is on vacation. She plans to leave for her island vacation at 6pm. Her plane leaves at 8:30 pm, and she needs to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure. It takes her 1 1/2 hours to get to the airport. Will she have enough time to get to the airport? Will she have too little or too much time?

6. Pillow Featherbed wants to learn to ride a unicycle. How many wheels will this moving object have?

7. Jewel Sparkles is a big fan of sparkley flowers. If she plants seeds for a rose bush in March, and they take 6 months to grow, when will she begin to see her roses?

8. Mittens Fluff N Stuff has 8 pairs of mittens. How many mittens does she have in all?

9. Tippy Tumblelina is excited to help make a Thanksgiving turkey. If the turkey weighs 6 pounds, and she needs to cook the turkey one hour per pound, how many hours will she need to cook the turkey?

10. As mentioned above, Tippy Tumblelina is making the turkey for Thanksgiving. If the meal will be served at 4:00 PM, what time should she put the turkey in the oven to be sure it is cooked and ready?

Here are some of the cute and sought after Lalaloopsy friends!

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