Commandos Strike Force - PS2

Commandos Strike Force - PS2
"Commandos Strike Force" is a World War II first person shooter that combines shooting action with a sneaking element. However, despite its attempt at a more unique gaming experience to counteract the thousands of "Medal of Honor" and "Call of Duty" games, "Commandos Strike Force" ultimately falls short of being a good game.

The player commands a three-man team (the "strike force"): a sniper, a green beret, and a spy. Each has their own set of special abilities that are fairly clearly related to their class, though some (the sniper has the ability to throw knives) don't always make sense. A large part of the game is sneaking, similar in style to Metal Gear or Splinter Cell. By this I mean "you avoid people looking at you" and not "there's any skill to it" or anything. This overly simple "stay out of their line of sight" mechanic is nowhere near as developed as its contemporaries. Thus, most of the game is spent shooting, in a manner that, well, is essentially "Medal of Honor" and "Call of Duty", except not as good.

The writing in this game, despite some decent efforts from voice actors, is atrocious. Every cliche that can be thought of for World War 2 is included. The low-class Brit with the terrible Cockney accent who's always two seconds away from becoming a neverending string of "blimey, guvna", or the hotheaded American with some kind of Kennedy accent who yells "Yee-haw!" while his men are being gunned down, or the high-class Brit who serves as the team's spy (I actually assumed he was a high-class British person before I reached the point of the game where he was introduced, and was later proven correct) or the German foes who are almost always referred to as "Nazis" or "Krauts".

The graphics in this game are equally horrible. Despite this being a PS2 game, these are actually closer to a Playstation 1's effects. Everything's too dark, too grainy, and too blocky; there is not a single part of the game that is convincingly rendered. The sound is fairly terrible, too, with the same "Arrrgh!" being repeated by almost every dead soldier in the game.

This game, almost literally, has no good points. There is nothing positive that can be said about it; it fails on every single level.


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