Math Journals

Math Journals
Having a Math Journal for your homeschooler is a great idea to not only reinforce current lessons learned, but also to add enrichment. Math problems can be made more fun within a journal, and pose as an incentive for children to figure out a single problem. Here are several ideas for a math journal, for a variety of homeschool aged children:

Middle School/Early High School-

1. In the room find models of each of the following shapes:
rectangular prism
triangular prism

Make a chart to show the following information:
Number of Faces
Number of Verticals
Number of Edges
Number of Curved Surfaces
Shape of Faces

2. Find the sum of all the angles in:
a triangle
a quadrilateral
a pentagon

What pattern is established?
Can this same pattern be used to calculate the number of degrees in a decagon? or a 16 sided polygon?

Upper Elementary School Homeschoolers-

1. Count, graph and report on a single serving bag of Skittles or MnM's. Be sure to list the colors, first before counting them (and eating them!)

2. Create a word problem using the members in your family. Be sure to have a story with the problem, and figure out the answer, too. Then, present the problem to the members of your family who can do it, and see if they get it correct!

Lower Elementary Homeschoolers-

1. Find circle shapes in your house. Make a list of everything you find.

2. Use a ruler and measuring tape to measure three things. Guess first how long they might be, and then write the results after using both tools. Get a parents help if needed. How close were your estimates? Subtract and find out the answer!

Brain boosters and other Math games are challenging ideas to put in a Math Journal as well. Here are some fantastic ideas for gleaning suggestions to make your homeschooler's Math Journal a successful and exciting one! Many of these can be tailored to your child's specific grade level needs, too. Math is fun for everyone!

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