Bathing Birds

Bathing Birds
My birds absolutely love to shower with me. Since birds are naturally very social and baths (or showers - misting) are necessary for a happy and healthy bird. They get so excited in the shower fanning their wings and vocalizations. Most birds and parrots love to get wet! It is a win win situation for you both!

Be very cautious of water temperature. Make sure the water isn't too hot or cold. They like room temperature of lukewarm water.

Keep them out of the direct stream. Set the shower to mist as much as possible. Don't mist or spray the face of the bird.

Don't use soap, shampoo or detergent on the bird. It isn't safe or healthy for the bird. Also, birds produce an oil they preen their feathers with. Any type of soaps or even the shampoo made for birds can strip this oil.

Make sure to shower or bathe your bird when the house warms up. In addition, shower or bathe the bird early enough so that there is plenty of time for the feathers to dry before bedtime and the house cools off in the evening. Make sure there are no drafts from an open window or air conditioner. Don't saturate your bird's feathers. The body temperature will fall too rapidly.

If you are bathing the bird make sure there isn't too much water in the container you don't want the bird to drown. Make sure you supervise bathing at all times. Don't leave your bird in the shower alone.

Don't use a blow dryer it will scare the bajemies out of them or burn them. Some hair dryers can release toxic fumes.

Keep the bath container low if attached to the cage you don't want anything in the cage to get soaked. Remove anything in the cage that gets wet you don't want fungus, mold or bacteria to get happy and multiply. Very unhealthy for the bird.

Keep any mist or spray from spraying directly in the bird's face.

Never force a bird to bath or shower. If he or she is frightened or resistant there may be good reason for it. If frightened, gradually introduce the bird to the bath container or shower. When you first introduce the shower avian perch, gradually introduce him or her to the shower and perch. Just let the bird get use to the whole concept before using the shower. Remember to keep the water low no hard sprays! Make sure to make the showering/ bathing experience a positive one.

During a molt the bird gets itchy. The bath or shower will help alleviate the itch and to assist pin feathers to grow. New pin fathers have a keratin sheath; shower, misting or bathing helps soften this keratin and release the feathers to grow.

Bathing encourages preening.

There are several different shower bird perches and sizes follow the link and check them out.

Polly's Sandy Window and Shower Bird Perch, Large This isn't just for showers. If you want to have your bird near you while you are working on a project or in another room just stick the perch up and presto - a place for your bird to perch comfortably and be with you! There are several different shower bird perches and sizes follow the link and check them out.

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath - easy to clean and attach to the cage.

Click the links there are several shower attachments and baths for different size birds.

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