Double Password - Strong Password Generator

Double Password -  Strong Password Generator
Do you use strong password? If not Improve your computer’s security by creating strong passwords. Few computer users take password usage seriously. At least half of those that do are users who have a horror story to tell. Years ago I owned
a burglar and fire alarm company. I lived in a fairly urban county and break-in's were frequent. Time after time I went to talk to homeowners interested in a security system who told the same story.. They had been broken into and wanted an alarm.

It was always after-the-fact that they realized their need. The use, or lack of, strong passwords presents the same scenario. Computer users realize the need, but it's too much trouble. They put it off until after experiencing a loss, then, they want the best.

Darn those long, complicated, non-word, random digit passwords that you have to secretly write down somewhere in order to remember.

Reminds me of one other story. A local gentleman had his home broken into. I was called right after the police, and was actually there while the investigation was still underway. The gentleman had several firearms stolen, as well as a jewelry box and several expensive rings. The officer asked the gentleman if he had recorded the serial numbers and he replied "Sure, got 'em all". I watched as he walked to the bedroom, only to return a few moments later, face drawn and eyes downward. He looked at the officer and
replied, "I do have the serial numbers - they're in the jewelry box..."

Recording serial numbers and having secure passwords have much in common - they're both great as long as they're securely maintained.

I'm not going to give you any professional advice on maintaining your serial numbers, other than NEVER keep them on your computer, but I will offer up a great little program to help you have super friendly, super secure passwords.

It's called Double Password.

Unlike other programs that either require you to purchase a 'secure token' (which is a hardware key used in addition to normal password authentication), or compose super tough passwords with the inherent problems mentioned above, Double Password only uses a USB flash drive.

A small bit of code is stored on your flash drive that turns it into an extremely secure password generator. Plug your flash drive in, open the program requiring a password, and when prompted for a password, enter whatever simple password you've created. And Double Password will create a complex
password on-the-fly to open your program.

An added benefit is the extra protection it provides against keyloggers and spy programs. Although someone may capture your keystroke, they must have the USB flash drive to create the password to actually enter the program.

Use it to secure your laptop and/or desktop at log-in, use it to lock your Windows account, and use it at work. Double Password will serve you well, and prevent that dreaded moment when you realize you're sharing your personal information with unwelcome visitors.

Works with Windows NT/2000/XP. Shareware. The current price is approx. $29.00 if you want to continue to use the software beyond the 14-day trial period.


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