Making chunk candles

Making chunk candles
Making chunk candles can be a nice change of pace to your pillar candles. They are fun to look at and always turn out slightly different. Chunk candles appear harder to make than they look, some may say that they add an appearance of sophistication.

Chunk candles will require two major steps. Step one is to make the candle chunks and Step two is to fill your mold with the chunks and pour your wax. Chunks can be pre-made and then you can make your candles at a later date. I also use candle chunks to refill my wickless candles, which is really a time saver when I don’t have time to refill them. Chunks can be made with various colors and scents ahead of time. If it sounds complicated don’t worry, making chunks is easy.

Let’s begin by heating up your wax melter (double boiler or turkey roaster) whichever you use to melt wax. Always follow temperature guidelines for the particular wax your using. Prepare your work space as in the article titled, “Preparing your work space.”Once your wax is melted, add any additives such as, dyes or fragrances. You may decide to scent or dye your chunks, overpour wax, or both. Gather a standard rectangular cookie sheet and use a non-stick cooking spray to prevent the chunks from sticking and ease their removal after cutting. If fragrance oil has been added to the chunk wax then you will not need to treat the cookie sheet since it will prevent the wax from sticking.

With your wax at it’s proper pouring temperature, pour your wax into the cookie sheet. Be careful not to spill or expose yourself to any splatter. You can adjust the size of your chunks by pouring higher or lower on the sheet. Once poured allow your wax to cool. The wax should be firm but not hard, you should be able to make an impression with your finger. Now with the use of a box cutter or paring knife, slice the wax chunks using a crossing pattern.

If you choose you can use various shaped cookie cutters to cut out different shapes to apply to the sides of your candle. This will allow the desired figure to present itself once you candle is complete, adding a distinct character to it. Now just wait for your wax to completely cool after the chunks have been cut. Next, simply turn your cookie sheet over and tap the backside onto a surface covered with newspaper releasing your chunks. If the chunks don’t separate, just snap them off with your hands.

If you choose you may make more chunks of differing colors to mix together.

Now it’s time to wick your mold or container. Gently fill your mold or container with the wax chunks using one or multiple colored chunks. If you used a pattern from a cookie cutter apply these to the sides of your mold or container. Now heat your wax for the overpour to the proper melting temperature and if so desired, add your color and/or scents. Using a clear or translucent wax will allow your chunks to show thru once the candle cools. Once proper pouring temperature is reached pour your wax into your wax chunk mold or container covering the chunks. You can also decide to leave some of the upper chunks exposed to leave a textured surface. Allow the candle to cool and repour if necessary to fill any holes. Once candle is cooled, remove from mold. If it doesn’t release, place it in the refrigerator to allow the wax to shrink and then pop it out for your burning or decorating pleasure.

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