Jinns / Devils / Demons

Jinns / Devils / Demons
The feud in the Heavenly Community or High Society (38:69) was a turning point for God’s creations. Satan put himself forward as a challenger to God’s absolute authority and as a consequence God’s creations were divided into groups. Satan and his rebels were created as jinns. They are creatures that were crafted before human beings and created from blazing fire (55:18). Their role on Earth is to promote Satan’s point of view to their human companions. They try to tempt us into leaving the safe path and take a walk on the dark side.

Chapter 51, verse 56
I did not create the jinns and the humans except to worship Me alone.

The jinns have the same purpose in this life as their human companions, and that is to worship God alone. The jinns have freedom of choice just like us, they can change their minds and leave Satan behind to follow God. Every human is assigned a jinn from the moment of birth.

Chapter 41, verse 25
We assign them companions who adorn everything they do in their eyes. Thus, they end up incurring the same fate as the previous communities of jinns and humans, who were also losers.

Not all jinns follow Satan and chapter 72 of the Quran, entitled Jinns, tells us that a group of jinns were listening to the Quran and exclaimed, “We have heard a wonderful Quran.” they believed in it and were guided to righteousness. They understood that it was the foolish among them who had uttered nonsense about God, something that they had not known was possible before they heard the Quran. They came to realise that human beings will use jinns to seek power but that this power only brings misfortune to both of them.

Chapter 7, verse 27
O children of Adam do not let the devil dupe you as he did when he caused the eviction of your parents from Paradise, and the removal of their garments to expose their bodies. He and his tribe see you, while you do not see them. We appoint the devils as companions of those who do not believe.

The jinns see us but we cannot see them. The jinns are responsible for duping many people into believing in things that do not actually exist on Earth. A few of the innovations of Satan and his minions are the fabrication of ghosts, poltergeists, aliens, vampires, zombies and fairies. These creatures do not exist. After death the body rots and the soul moves on. God tells us that after death a barrier separates the soul from this world until the Day of Resurrection (23:100), no souls linger on Earth nor do they return, but their companion jinns remain on the earth until they die.

God tells us in the Quran to believe in the unseen. God tells us nothing has been left out of the Quran. God tells us in the Quran that the earth is the only inhabited planet surrounded by seven universes (2:29) and that His creations here are the angels, the jinn, the human and the animal. The unseen are God, the angels and the jinn and what they do around us that is unseen to the human eye. The future is also unseen but it will transpire.

The jinns are made of a blazing fire and the humans are made of a type of clay. Some of them are good, some of them are bad. Some of them submit to God alone, some of them submit to Satan.

Chapter 72, verse 11, 14
“Some of us are righteous, and some are less than righteous, we follow various paths.
“Among us are the submitters and among us are the compromisers.”

Every jinn and every human will be judged on the Day of Judgement and then sent either to Hell or to Paradise. We all choose which path we follow. It is up to each of us to ignore the prompting of the jinns to follow Satan and to follow God. We will not be able to blame the jinns for our mistakes when we are called to judgement, because we are all free to decide for ourselves which path to follow.

Chapter 55, verse 31
We will call you to account, O humans and jinns.

Stop listening to the whisperings of the jinns and listen to your soul. Work with God so that He can help you back to Paradise. Satan wants your soul so do not give it to him. God has given us the freedom to choose which path we should follow. Follow the path least trodden, the path of God.

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