Andrew J the Pres and Veteran

Andrew J the Pres and Veteran
Though most people only see them as the faces on the money they struggle to get, many presidents were actually hard working veterans who fought for our country before they controlled the forces themselves. Take Andrew Jackson for example. Even in his early life he was working for our country. He was a courier in a local militia during the Revolutionary War at only age 13, not long before his eldest brother Hugh suddenly died of heat exhaustion during the Battle of Stono Ferry. Both Jackson and his brother Robert were imprisoned by the British soon after their older brother’s death and joining the militia. He once refused to clean a British officer’s boots and was slashed by a sword, leaving scars on his head and his left hand, and not only did he withstand that but he persevered through near-starvation and smallpox. Soon after they were released, his brother died. His mother soon decided she wanted to help nurse the wounded back to health but she developed cholera and Jackson was soon an orphan. He then went on to be a Major General of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, or in other words, to become a veteran. He also fought in three other battles for the land we live in peacefully today. But even through these hardships, he still became the 7th President of the United States by dedicating himself to his work and by being loyal to his country.

Dedication and loyalty are both ideal characteristics for a president. That goes not only for the current presidential candidates but for our future presidents or even a Girl Scout leader. Lead with prosperity, being prepared for hardships and do so with pride. 31 of the 43 presidents were veterans. That’s over two thirds of our presidents and, with numbers like that, it’s hard to deny that the candidates being former or current veteran at the time didn’t influence them being voted into office. Who knows? Maybe there was a sense of security for citizens, knowing that the man in charge was once in the shoes of those below him in the military rankings. Sure, it would be nice to know for the army moms that the President understands how much the soldiers are missed and how much the soldiers miss their homes and families. But I don’t believe that is the whole reason why many of our past presidents were elected. Andrew Jackson and the other veteran Presidents had the integrity to work until they won presidential campaigns, many seeing it as some sort of battle to be won or to make an effort to improve the country’s economy or possibly just to prove that they can to the people who doubted them. No matter what career you aim for you should always persevere and remember it could always be worse for you.

Stephanie Scott is currently a student at Jewett School of the Arts and is part of the Chorus. She has a two-year scholarship and sold her first art piece when she was in the fourth grade.

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