Sony Discontinues 20 gig PS3

Sony Discontinues 20 gig PS3
People used to think the 20 gig XBox 360 hard drive was huge. Now Sony is discontinuing the 20 gig PS3 since over 90% of buyers were going straight for the 60 gig version. Suddenly 20 gig is far too small!

It's amazing to think back in the days of kb and mb. Modern systems are dealing with large libraries of music, and people are downloading TV series and movies to their systems. Especially with people watching high definition movies, and wanting high definition downloads, you can fill up 20 gig rather quickly.

There had been rumors for a while that the 20 gig was on its way out. It was not being restocked in stores. Sony was only rolling out the 60 gig to new markets. Finally, they made it official. They completely pulled the 20 gig version from their SonyStyle store, and took the 20 gig versions out of Amazon and other online sales stores.

What does this mean for gamers? I think this is a great thing. 20 gig is just too small, something I've been saying for a LONG time about the XBox 360. My iPod has 60 gig of storage - and that's a tiny, transportable MP3 player! That's just holding my CDs! I expect my gaming system - which is connected to my high definition TV - to be able to handle storage much better than my MP3 player. If I'm using the system as a gaming jukebox, playing music while I play, and handling video, then it really needs the storage space to do that properly.

Of course, the XBox 360 is already coming out with the XBox 360 Elite, with a 120 gig hard drive. So they've lept right over the PS3-60 by providing an even larger, better hard drive set. Of course, you can get into the eternal argument about whether the PS3 or the XBox 360 is a better gaming. My point is that the *storage space* really needs to be large on both of these systems. Microsoft was bad to wait so long to improve from 20 gig. The PS3 gets kudos for 'upping the ante' to 60 gig - but why did they stop there? They really should have gone larger.

I'm sure that in a few months that Sony will come out with an even larger hard drive, to keep up. In the meantime, if you've got a 20 gig, keep in mind that this is a system they're phasing out!

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