Book Review - The Power of Positive Habits

Book Review - The Power of Positive Habits
The Power of Positive Habits by Dan Robey is based on the simple premise that by adopting positive habits, you can change your life. He recommends an easy process for implementing these new habits into your life, based on what you want to accomplish.

You can incorporate positive habits coaching into your own business success plan. There are many "habits" you can choose for your business--to be more successful, increase intelligence, lessen stress, gain energy, improve motivation, and develop a more positive attitude. Choose a success habit each month to focus on. Include your associates in the plan. You could even develop a training program based on the positive habits you choose.

The book includes the “how-to” information and a list of positive habits you can adopt. The how-to information includes deciding what results you want, then choosing the habits that will bring those results. He includes tips on visualization and tracking to help you get the most from your new habits.

Robey discusses numerous health habits, including those for improving cardiovascular health, losing weight, exercising, taking supplements and even sleeping better. His habits are sometimes extremely easy and simple, and sometimes, they sound easier than they are. (Ordering salad dressing on the side is no big deal. Ordering a plain baked potato is a little less appealing.) But, you can mix & match habits to meet your particular goals—skip the plain baked potato idea and eat fish twice a week if that’s more to your liking.)

I think Robey does the best job with his health habits section. He has good, medically-based information and great tips for incorporating them. The last chapter, “Positive Habits for Success and Relationship” has some good tips, but is almost skimpy compared to the health section. The tip about reading 10 pages of a book each night is a great one –just by reading that little bit, you can read an average book in 22 days. That’s over 16 books in a year, which can be quite a bit of learning. One habit he mentions is one of my favorites, because I’ve been doing it for over a decade: Listen to audiotapes in your car. With mp3 players, this is even easier. You can listen to books and podcasts without the bother of cassette tapes or CD’s. If you spend a lot of time driving, you can “read” the classics, learn a language, or keep up with what’s new in your industry during your commutes.

For businesses, the tips about putting goals in writing and reading them aloud daily, breaking large jobs into smaller chunks and how to remember names can easily be implemented.

Robey includes a resource guide with suggested books and audiotapes. Plus, he has a “positive habits index”, where you can look up the results you want, such as “look younger” and find a list of six habits that will help.

We have all been conditioned to think of habits as negative, because as Robey notes “bad habits get all the press”. But, we already have positive habits; good things we do without thinking about them. Brushing your teeth, for example, is a good habit for most of us. His premise is that we incorporate other good behaviors into our lives that become routine. Then, we don’t have to “think” about exercising, we just do it. This book can help you learn how to add good habits to your life and make positive change a little bit at a time.

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The Power of Positive Habits

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