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Live What You Love
Live What You Love: Notes from an unusual life

When Melinda Blanchard, co-author (with her husband Bob Blanchard) of “Live What You Love” tells the story of how sick it made her to think of giving a speech in her Jr. High class you feel a little sad for her. That is until you read a bit further to find out that her fear of public speaking was overcome by her passion for food. Yep. Food. When all of the other students in the class chose to speak on topics such as world peace, politics and the like; Melinda overcame her fear of public speaking by selecting a topic she loved. “How to Make Deviled Eggs”. She had everyone’s attention and probably admiration as they not only learned a few things about making deviled eggs but got to taste the delightful treats at the end of the presentation.

Melinda’s story about deviled eggs is only one of many found in the book “Live What You Love: notes from an unusual life”. This refreshing and encouraging book reminded me of the many “unusual life” people I have met through the years who have struggled to find joy in the usual. They have mashed, pressed and prodded themselves to fit into places where they just do not fit. From the time we are children we are praised for fitting in. For looking like, acting like thinking like everyone else and following the pathway that everyone else takes. But for some following the path of the crowd has not been fun at all. Not fun because deep inside there is a yearning for something more. For something different, something that resonates with the passion that’s inside to live a fulfilling or a more creative life.

This book will inspire you to do just that; find and live your own “unusual life”. To get started you can take a few tips from Live What You Love:

1. Have an Idea? Give it a Day.
2. Prioritize
3. Have Courage
4. Use Your Experiences
5. Tie Your Dreams to Reality
6. Consider the Big 4
7. Trust it or Adjust it
8. If you want it Make it
9. Remember
10. Live What You Love

If you want to find out the exact meaning or how you can apply these tips take a look at

The Blanchard’s learned to listen to their passion. This did not come without bumps, and bends along the road. However, in this book you will see that bumps and bends can be great teachers if you let them. The Live What You Love Website includes stories of those who have taken the leap into the "unusual".
I give three cheers to the owner and creator of Oh Sing Praises Confections. She's living the unusual life and making plenty of people "sing" for joy as they enjoy her delicious treats. Check out her webiste, the link is listed below.

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