Six Changes for Stronger Family Relationships

Six Changes for Stronger Family Relationships
The swirl of motherhood responsibilities and to-do’s can take a mother far off a path of living an intentional and purpose-filled life. Daily tasks, caring for children, and a mind preoccupied with all that needs to get done are subtle distractors. When a mom is swayed by this whirlwind, she may lose sight of her daily responsibility of strengthening family relationships.

Look up from your daily rhythm, moms. Is it serving you well? Is this the path that you want to be on? Are you focused on family or are you focused on “to do” lists? Are you creating quality-filled moments or are you struggling to keep your head above water?

Here are six ideas for a life more fulfilling and for days more purpose-driven. They are centered on building family relationships but do not ignore the need for momME time.

Start your day with intention.
Wake up and refrain from automatically anticipating your schedule for the day. Spend a few moments in gratitude for having another day to do something with. Create an intention for the day – peace, patience, or accomplishment. Focus your day on your intention by reminding yourself periodically of the word you have chosen. Help your children to do the same when they wake up. I always send my children off to school with “do great things” or “do your best” encouragement.

Put down the smart phone.
We rely on our phones for so much – connecting with others, filling bored moments, or to tell us what to do and when we’re supposed to do it. We allow our phones to invade our space and to interrupt our time with our children. Make a commitment to yourself and to your family that you will release your addiction to your cell phone. Help your children avoid this addiction in the first place and always encourage playing board games, going outside, or taking a family walk.

Start your day with movement.
Exercise has physiological, mental, spiritual, and physical benefits. It is a great way to start your day. Whether you do yoga in your home, go for a brisk walk, or attend an exercise class – find something to stimulate your day and give it a charge. A simple walk around the block is enough to bring inspiration, calm, and motivation to your day. This, in turn, will help you maintain positive relationships with your children. Continue the physical movement with them. Take a brisk jog while your daughter rides alongside you. Play a game of soccer in the backyard after school.

Moms often feel isolated. It makes sense. We spend a lot of time running errands, putting the house in order, and toting our children around to various activities. Assess your needs to connect with other adults and create a plan for connection. Some moms benefit from talking on the phone with other adults. Other moms require face-to-face time, and a coffee or lunch meeting might be what they desire. Identify your need and make sure you fill it. When you have the proper amount of adult time to suit your needs, you will be better prepared for the mommy time your children require.

Know your passions.
Purpose and passion are crucial in a mom’s life. Being bogged down with mothering responsibilities does not always fill our yearning souls. Make sure you create time for your passions. Do you desire a creative outlet? Does your soul need outdoor time? Do you pray? Identify and follow through. Let your children observe you actualizing your dreams. Show them how important it is to nurture and follow your heart.

Plan ahead.
Yes, we all know that most moms have rigid schedules and calendars that fill up quickly. What I mean by “plan ahead” is to think of those things that pop up every day that seem to suck your time away. Cooking dinner, reading at bedtime, or cleaning up the breakfast table. Make sure that you work these daily occurrences into your daily schedule. Strategic planning ensures that you have dinner prepared prior to soccer practice, so your family is ready to eat when they walk in the door. Planning ahead ensures that after-school time is spent with your children too. You won’t be running around trying to get your daily tasks done if you have planned ahead.

The relationships we create with our children are the platform from which everything else takes place. By modeling values of self-care to our children and the importance of family together time, we are helping our children create a foundation of values from which their life will unfold.

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