The Five of Cups

The Five of Cups
The people that abide in the Land of Cups have had the blessing of finding not only one, but two new young healers. The skill and intuitive insights of the beautiful young woman and the strong but sensitive young man have gained a huge amount of recognition. Not only are they held in great esteem by their own village, they have gained an amazing reputation throughout the land as well.

But, among the people, there is one who is less than joyous about the new procedures and concepts that these two young healers are infiltrating into the old ideas and healing rituals.

The old healer draped in a cloak of black, stands beside the river which flows through his village. He stares dejectedly at the three overturned cups in front of him. He doesn't even notice the two upright cups that are standing behind him.

His thoughts are focused on the two young healers. Life just wasn't the same in the Land of Cups anymore. It used to be him that the people came to with their problems. He was the healer and Shaman of his tribe and was respected and honored for his position among his people. However, that time has passed. More and more of his tribe have started to go to the new healers. Only a few of the very old people still came and knocked upon his door.

More and more of his time has been spent in contemplation beside the river. He didn't have the heart to join into the activities of the tribe anymore. He preferred to stay to himself wrapped up in his blanket of self pity.

A healer without patients really wasn't a healer at all. He was just an empty vessel with nothing left inside anymore. The two young healers had all the answers and all the glory. But, wasn't there still a lot of wisdom in the ways of old? Some things really didn't need to be changed.

The old man heard the voices of the young healers as they approached him. He looked up to see them walking hand and hand down the pathway in animated conversation. They looked so happy and so vibrant he involuntarily stepped backward away from them.

As he did, his foot touched the two Cups behind him. As he turned around he saw the faces of the two young healers reflected in their mirror like surface. He watched as they looked up and saw him standing there. Their faces lit up with happiness as they recognized his presence. In that instant he understood that he was still honored and respected. He could still be a healer and serve as a mentor and teacher to these two young people. He hadn't changed. The only thing that had changed was his situation.

He turned around with a smile and held out his hands to the two young healers. They each took a hand and he pulled them into his embrace. He had come home once again.

If the Five of Cups finds it's way into your reading it is suggesting that you stop wallowing in the emotions of the past, and look at what is waiting for you right here in the present. If you are focused only on the past, you will never be able to live fully in the moment. And the moment is the place where you are always living. Leave the regrets, the fears and the indecision of the past behind you where they belong and start to create a life based upon joy, love, and happiness right here and right now!

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