How to Start Up When Life Shuts Down

How to Start Up When Life Shuts Down
You’ve traveled on the same road for twenty years. That road may have been your marriage, career or your children. Suddenly the road turns and you find yourself single again or holding a pink slip or in a house with no children to take care of; your life seems to have shut down. Then there’s the screaming question…what do I do now? What do I do to start over? How do I start over when I don’t have the resources, experience or even the desire?

This is the reality that many women find themselves in. They are faced with the question of how to open a new door to life when and old door closes. This was the situation for Dayle Haddon, model, actress and founder of Dayle Haddon Ageless Living Inc. After her successful careers in modeling and acting she found herself suddenly widowed with no money, a daughter to care for and very little resources. It was time for a new road, one that would help her start up her life again. Haddon made a decision to rent out her home, get a job to bring in some income and try to figure it out. Doing what she could to move forward, she had an idea to market beauty products to women 40 and older. This idea is what took her from shut down to starting up her life again. While it was not easy she was persistent in knocking on doors and sharing her vision of the need that mature women have for products that are appropriate for their lifestyle.

Starting up is not easy but it can be done. Do you have an idea, a dream or skill that you’d like to put to use? This can be your first step in the starting over process. Take inventory of what you have or even of what you want. If you are aware of the resources that you already possess you will be able to use them as tools to start something up. You maybe be really great at organizing. You can use this skill to make extra income. Start with a few friends or family and offer to give them a hand and organize those closets, drawers or rooms that no one can get into. Organizing for money may not be your final destination but it is a starting place. That’s the key in this process; find a place to start again. It does not matter if it is a big start or a little start as long as you start something. Keep in mind that this a time of transition and transition has many stages and steps.

Next, continue asking the questions such as: how can I create a stable and prosperous life for myself? Where can I go for help? Who can I offer to help? Am I willing to go outside of my current physical, emotional, geographical boundaries to build a firm foundation for my life? What am I willing to give up now for what I will gain in the future?

It’s important to ask the questions and focus on what is ahead instead of what is behind. Focus on what you DO want or desire instead of what you DON’T want. When you focus on what you do want that is what you will find. When you focus on what you don’t want the same is true; that is what you will find.

Starting Up again requires an inner strength and willingness to really look at your life for what it is and for what it is not. Don’t be afraid to look at it. No matter what it is today, things can change tomorrow.

Remember that you can course correct along the way.

This is an important understanding to hold on to. Many times during the process of starting over, you will need to correct or adjust your course. Give yourself permission to do so and keep moving forward.

Starting over requires movement. You have to move toward something new if you want to experience something new.

If you are in a place of shut down, realize that this does not have to last forever. You can start up again and create a life beyond your dreams. Here are a few tips to remember:

1. Take an inventory of what you already have.
2. Use what you have to get you to the next step.
3. Keep moving.
4. Course correct when necessary.
5. Have faith and believe in your vision.

It is disappointing when life shuts down. However, starting over again can be fun and exciting and get you on a new road leading to places you never imagined possible!

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