President Ronald Reagan Military Veteran

President Ronald Reagan Military Veteran
Ronald Reagan had some things that made him a good President. Some of these things are his military experience and Political experience. Also, Ronald Reagan had integrity. Now these are some of my main subjects on Ronald Reagan.

It’s important to have a military experience for all presidents. This is important because they would understand what the soldiers are going through in wars like Iraq (now), Hawaii and Germany (WWII). Also it’s important by what is going on in the Air Force and the sailors in the Navy. And lastly by having a military background it is easier to communicate to other countries and their presidents about war. There are other reasons why it is important to have military experience. One is to check on how the soldiers are doing by visiting them. A second is to make sure they have free time with their families during holidays and lastly it is to be seen as a man of Honor. Now this is part of the military experience Ronald Reagan had.

Ronald Reagan’s political experience in making his own decisions on deciding to be a Republican or Democrat and the political side he chose was a Republican. Ronald Reagan also had political experience by building up our military forces together during his presidency. Also he raised the taxes more than any other president. I think Ronald Reagan was mostly a good president. What I think a good president should have is loyalty and Ronald Regan was a loyal president by being respectful to everyone. Ronald Reagan had good leadership. He was leading America to the path he believed in. That is part of the political experience of Ronald Reagan.

Next I am to talk about Ronald Regan’s integrity. I think overall Ronald Reagan was very good when he was president. I think when he raised taxes, people thought this showed bad integrity. I think he was a good president to our country. Ronald Reagan did great things before he was president. For example, he was the thirty third governor of California, giving him more political experience. Ronald Reagan also had produced over four hundred training films for our military. I think some people did not believe in him as a president, but overall, Ronald Reagan had good integrity.

After that, let’s talk about when Ronald Reagan was younger. He was nicknamed “Dutch”. This name was given to him by his father since Ronald Reagan had a Dutch boy haircut. The nickname just stuck with him through his younger years. Ronald Reagan and his family moved many places in Illinois: Tampico to Chicago to Greysburg. Then eventually they returned back to Tampico. Ronald Reagan was a true believer. He believed in himself, also in other people. He helped other countries. He helped our military. He did things that not all people agreed with. He was just trying to change our country’s outcome.

Let me tell you some fun facts about Ronald Reagan. As a child, he was nicknamed Dutch boy. He also had another nickname – he was called “the Gipper”. He had the lead role of George Gippen in the movie Knute Rockne. Another nickname he was given was The Great Communicator. He was good at speaking with other countries.

I picked out a few quotes from Ronald Reagan that I enjoyed:
“A people free to choose will always choose Peace.”
(One I personally like) “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.”
“A tree is a tree; how many more do you have to look at?”

Now let’s talk about Ronald Reagan. He was born February 5, 1911. After sixty-nine days of being president, he was shot by an assassin. He was able to make a quick recovery and returned to Office. Ronald Reagan died June 5, 2004 from Alzheimer’s Disease that he suffered from for a decade.

In conclusion, President Ronald Reagan had dome many great things for our country. He had a strong military experience, political experience and he also had integrity. Many people liked him, but as many people didn’t like him. I believe he wanted peace for our country.
Amaya Aguilar is a student at Jewett School of the Arts. She is majoring in 3-Dimensional Art. She wants to go to Harrison Arts Center. She wants to be a great sculptor. She wants to become a great artist.

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