Mess-free Feeding

Mess-free Feeding
Bird owners know that birds create mess. Stepping on birdseed with bare feet will reduce a person to tears. The size of the bird does not seem to matter, they all love to throw and scatter seed as they eat. Are there any solutions? There are some products currently on the market to greatly curb the disaster-zone around your bird’s cage. Obviously no solution will completely eliminate the mess but some of these have huge potential.

The Covered Dish
While a covered dish will cut down on bird food mess, it will not come close to eliminating it. It works by employing a hooded cover that works to return seed to the dish as your bird is foraging. These dishes are available in ceramic or plastic from a wide variety of distributors. The advantage to this type of dish is that you can feed your bird one dish of food with seed, pellets, fruits and vegetables and simply remove it at the end of the day and run it through your dishwasher.

The Solid-surface Cage
There are also companies who manufacture birdcages with one or more sides constructed of plexiglass. These cages are advantageous not only in respect to seed flinging but they also reduce the amount of bird dander floating through the air in your home by containing it within the bird’s cage. As with any cage, this cage presents challenges when it comes to cleaning. All dander and any soft food that happened to be flung onto its clear plexiglass sides would be very apparent and detract from this cage’s esthetic qualities.

Specialized Feeders
At a recent bird fair, a company called Super Saver was demonstrating a product they manufacture. They produce a line of feeders made of plexiglass that not only prevent your bird from flinging seed as it’s eating, but also have a handy reservoir to catch the discarded seed allowing you to recycle this uneaten food back into your bird’s dish. The enclosed nature of this product keeps the seed from being contaminated by droppings and moisture. Another nice feature is that it allows you to leave your bird for an overnight trip and be sure it will have fresh clean food available. The one disadvantage to this feeding system that I can think of is, although it is great for feeding seed, another food dish would be required to supply your bird’s fresh fruits and vegetables. Another product this creative company makes is a guard for water bottle protection; this plexiglass guard fits around the water bottle protecting it from your bird’s busy beak. Super Saver has a demonstration video on their website to show how this ingenious food saver product works.

In this new age of technological advances there are many products that can make your life easier as a bird owner. Often they are specific to your needs and preferences. If your goal is to reduce wasted seed or eliminate mess created by your seed-flinging friend, check out some of these options. You may just find what you’re looking for.

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