Making sand mold candles

Making sand mold candles
Making Sand mold candles is an easy and fun way to add a different touch to you homemade candles. It adds a change of pace and each sand mold candle is unique and allows you to creatively add a different touch to a room. This is one candle making project that the whole family can enjoy. The addition of small seashells will add a refreshing accent to you candles and goes well with the sand that will adhere to the outside of the candle. So if your looking for a new and different type of candle making project then a sand mold candle will be the perfect project.

Gather these materials:

Damp sand
Large rectangular pan (a high-sided aluminum or glass roasting pan works well)
1 pound paraffin
1/3 pound beeswax
Scented oils
Candy thermometer
Rounded bowl to form a candle impression in sand
Candle wick
Sea shells, herbs, dry flower petals
Double boiler

1. Pour damp sand into large roasting pan. Use a rounded bowl to form a candle impression in the sand, and insert a piece of wick vertically in the impression

2. Melt paraffin and beeswax combined in a double boiler. Never leave melting wax unattended. Always use caution when melting wax. Make sure children have adult supervision if they are to make the candles. Check the wax temperature with a candy thermometer, making sure it does not exceed 180 degrees.

3. Add your chosen candle scent to the wax just before your pour.

4. Take care to pour 1" or 2" of melted wax into the round impression you’ve made in the sand. Add seashells, dried flower petals or herbs herbs, to the wax for a decorative look

5. Let the wax cool until completely hardened, which can take 30 minutes to a couple of hours. When the wax has fully hardened, pull the candle out of the sand by the wick and brush off any loose or excess sand. Trim your wick to about 3/8" before lighting.

Place your new sand mold candle on a flat, stable surface and light.
After awhile you may decide to experiment and use other odd shaped objects to make and impression in the sand. I have even used my hands to make my own unique sand mold impression.

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