Throttle Movie Review

Throttle Movie Review

"What do you want from me?!" ~ Tom Weaver

Have you ever been alone in a parking garage late at night? The year 2007 brought us the female version of a parking-garage, heroine movie called P-2. Before the female version, however, there was Throttle (2005) also know as E-5, the male version. Grayson McCouch plays Tom Weaver, a financial analyst. Weaver arrives at the parking garage after 6:00 p.m. without his badge – a coincidence? Probably not... It's important to pay close attention to the small interactions between the characters in the beginning of the movie, because they end up very significance as the movie continues.

Descending deep into the parking garage, he meets his boss, Gavin Matheson (Adrian Paul) and we learn the two are up to a little late night, multi-million dollar scam. The deal goes down, but in an attack of guilt, Weaver declares he cannot go through with it and abruptly exits his boss’ car. Next we see Weaver back in his car, in the now almost entirely empty, parking garage. Turning the key – the car won’t start! Will Weaver make it out of the garage alive? Not if left up to the person driving the huge truck with the tinted glasses and hunting lights. What happens next is six hours of terror and action. There is no escape - the elevators will not work without a key and the stairwells are chained from the inside. Someone doesn’t want him to get out alive.

Racing through the night, Weaver has a lot to think about, including who would want him dead. Is his wife cheating on him with his boss? Earlier, he had found matching hotel room keys in both his wife’s purse and his boss’ car. Are they in cahoots? During the film, the audience is shown flashbacks of earlier moments of him with his wife and then his lover. What about Rebecca, Weaver’s lover? As he was entering the garage, he learned that Rebecca is the new parking attendant’s girlfriend. Who is behind it all?

Overall I enjoyed the film. The flashback scenes of Weaver and his wife in bed were a little distracting even though I know the scenes play a semi-important role in the backstory of developing a motive for his wife, girlfriend and boss. The action scenes, the cat and mouse game, unexpected twists and turns definitely kept my attention - a decent job for a low-budget action-thriller. I know one thing for sure, I’ll definitely think twice about parking on the lower level of a parking garage again!

Rated: R for Violence, language and some compromising positions.
Runtime: 86 minutes

You can find Throttle (aka E-5) on Amazon.

I watched this movie on Netflix, through my monthly subscription paid by my own funds.

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