Questions for Students

Questions for Students
If you have questions about your upcoming college experience, it is important for you to seek out answers. In some cases you may prefer to have a student’s perspective. In those cases, you may want to direct your questions to student leaders during admissions tours or during your college orientation.

College tours and orientation programs provide perfect opportunities to ask questions of students because, in most cases, you will have a great deal of time to interact with at least one current student who is eager to help you. Most admissions offices and college orientation programs have students who lead activities. These students are typically those
who have been successful at the college and have a strong interest in helping new and prospective students. Therefore, they are often good sources of information and can offer a student’s perspective on many topics.

Prior to going on a campus tour or attending an orientation program, make a list of the questions you would like to ask. Below is a list of common questions you may want to consider asking. However, it is important that you develop your own list because you want to have the information about what you want to know most.

What do you like best about this college?

While you probably have your own reasons for liking your new college, it can be
encouraging to find out what other students like best about their college.

What are fun things to do on (or near) campus? How did you find out about

There are usually many fun things to do at your college and in the surrounding area. However, sometimes it takes a while to find those activities. Asking other students what activities are around and how to find out about activities can help you discover many fun things to do.

How have you dealt with homesickness?

Almost every college student who is living away from home has experienced
homesickness. Realizing that this is a normal experience and finding out how others
have dealt with this feeling can help you find coping mechanisms.

How did you make friends when you first arrived?

It is hard for almost everyone to establish friendships in new environments. Finding out how others have made new friends can give you ideas of how to meet new people and form friendships.

How do you resolve difficulties with your roommate?

Living with a roommate can be stressful at times. This is especially true the first
time that you live with another person. It can be helpful to find out how others
work out problems with their roommates.

Where are the best places to eat near campus?

Everyone loves eating good food. Trying recommended restaurants can help you find good restaurants faster than a trial-and-error approach. It can also introduce you to some great places you would not have thought to try. Be sure though not to discount a restaurant based on one person’s word. If you do, you may miss out on something great.

To ease your transition to college, it can be helpful to ask current students questions about their college experiences. Successful students are usually the best source of information. Student orientation leaders and and college admissions student leaders are often successful students who are eager to help new students. Before taking a campus tour or attending an orientation program, develop a list of potential questions to ask students you meet.

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