100 Ideas for Bored Children

100 Ideas for Bored Children
Summer time, wintertime, and even in the spring, moms hear the words “I’m bored” way too often. When my children tell me they’re bored, I don’t have much patience for it. I tell them they cannot be bored if they are using their brains or their imaginations. I really do understand that sometimes it is difficult to come up with something to do (what?!?).

Here is my list of 100 ideas for your children to do – by themselves – when they are bored.

The list was created for children covering a range of ages, so some ideas may not be appropriate for your child. You can use this list in a variety of ways. Use it to offer suggestions to your children. Make a “things to do” jar so your children can select an activity when they are “bored”. Use it to inspire your family’s own list of things to do.

• Practice cursive handwriting
• Write someone a note – a friend, a relative, a sibling
• Practice something – an instrument, a handstand, karate
• Play in the backyard
• Work on math problems
• Read a book
• Read to a sibling
• Dance
• Sing a song
• Build a fort with pillows and blankets
• Do an art project – color, glue, paint!
• Do a science experiment (moms - there are great ideas online)
• Play ball (outside!)
• Run through the sprinklers
• Call a friend
• Call a relative to say hello
• Write to a soldier to say thank you
• Write a story
• Build something out of Legos
• Do a chore
• Make your bed
• Clean out your drawer
• Play a board game
• Film a movie
• Cook something (with supervision, if necessary)
• Help a neighbor
• Walk the dog
• Feed the reptiles
• Make a thank you poster for the local fire or police department
• Paint with water. Outside. On a wall.
• Go to the park
• Read (yes!)
• Color with sidewalk chalk
• Jump rope
• Do something nice for a sibling
• Build something – with Lincoln Logs, blocks
• Use your imagination
• Blow bubbles
• Decorate your room
• Play hide n’ seek
• Plant seeds
• Take a nap
• Play cards
• Make lemonade
• Bead a necklace
• Make a welcome sign for the front door
• Invent a new game
• Journal
• Listen to music
• Dig in the backyard
• Build a sandcastle
• Do a puppet show
• Read (!!)
• Ride your bike/scooter/big wheel
• Do a dance party
• Do a puzzle
• Clean the garage (a mom can be hopeful)
• Look at family photo albums
• Cloud watch – what shapes and pictures do you see?
• Make a family newspaper
• Create a treasure map
• Paint a rock
• Play restaurant
• Make noodle necklaces
• Swing
• Play with Play-Doh
• Play hopscotch
• Fly a kite
• Practice juggling
• Turn a cardboard box into something else
• Do a brainteaser puzzle
• Take a spray bottle of water outside
• Have a water fight
• Walk the dog
• Play with the dog
• Host a tea party
• Read
• Search for four leaf clovers
• Finger knit
• Fold laundry
• Draw
• Pretend you’re an astronaut, a doctor, a scientist
• Fly a paper airplane
• Braid your hair
• Run around
• Take pictures
• Make a duct tape creation
• Play with a magnifying glass
• Build something with Lincoln logs
• Make a mini village
• Pull someone in the wagon (or a stuffed animal)
• Water the flowers
• Finger paint
• Look through binoculars
• Make your own list of things to do
• Read
• Go through all your markers & throw away the ones that don’t work
• Find six toys to donate
• Play with magnets
• Play soccer

Yes, I realize that “read” is on this list several times. Reading is important, and I believe it deserves multiple recognitions on a list of things to do. When you’re children are “bored”, it’s a good time to begin a conversation about what bored really is. Help your children develop the skills to move through boredom on their own. In the meantime, keep this list handy for those moments of boredom.

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