Crochet Flower

Crochet Flower
Crochet Flower
Crochet Flower with tendrils sewn into loops.
Dress up an outfit with a crochet flower. This flower is worked in a single long piece which is rolled into shape at the end. By starting with the smaller petals, it is possible to keep checking the size of the flower and adjusting the number of stitches and length of the petals as required. To give added texture, the shorter petals sit in the middle of the flower, with the longer ones extending to the outside.

The tendrils of the flower can be left to hang loose in spirals or can be stitched into a series of loops. Both techniques achieving very different effects.

Loopy Flower: The loops can either be formed at the rear of the flower, or all drawn into a single point and and held in place with a button or two as in the photograph above.

Spirals: The spirals and curls of the tendril petals are formed as a natural result of the crochet stitches. The spirals can be emphasized by making the chain tighter and the single crochet stitches slightly looser than normal.

Crochet Flower
Crochet Flower with spirals.

Any yarn and related hook size can be used, so this is a good way to use up any odds and ends of yarn. A thick yarn will make a more substantial flower, whereas a fine yarn will make a delicate flower. Try combining yarns and see what sort of effect is achieved.

The flower in the picture was made with 4 ply yarn and a 2mm crochet hook. The finished size of the flower is around 4 inches from side to side. Vary the number of stitches to alter the size of the flower.


This makes a large flower, to make a smaller one simply reduce the number of each stitches.

Chain 3, 1 turning chain

3 single crochet, 20 chain, 1 turning chain, turn work and SC back along chain

3 single crochet 22 chain, 1 turning chain and work back in SC

Repeat, increasing 2 stitches each time until petals are 32 stitches long (or required length). Continue making petals until there 30 tendrils, fasten off the yarn and roll the base of the crochet into a flower shape. Stitch into place.

Felted Variation

This flower has been felted after finishing. This is easy to do, it is simply a case of popping the finished flower into the washing machine with a load of laundry to ensure plenty of agitation. It needs to be pulled into shape afterwards and left to dry.

For effective felting the yarn MUST contain wool. A mix is fine, but different effects will be achieved depending on the quantity of yarn and other fibers. Wool mixed with other fibers will felt less fully.

Note: The spirals might fall out during felting, giving long straight petals.

Experiment with odds and ends of yarn and have fun making some great flowers!

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