Yes It's Safe to Eat the Chicken

Yes It's Safe to Eat the Chicken
The microwave oven presented an answer to the question: can people enjoy a quick, hot meal in about four minutes without a lot of effort? The answer, as we all know, is yes. It is not uncommon to find a microwave oven in every home. There are times when a great tool, device or invention comes along and provides an answer, before a question is asked.

There is a new kitchen appliance called CulinaryPrep™ that answers another question: Is it possible to eliminate the threat of E.coli and other food-borne bacteria as well as enhance the quality and taste of the food that you serve your family? The answer is yes. One day this appliance may be in every home and as indispensable as the microwave oven.

I like to buy mixed greens in a bag to have on hand to make my favorite chicken salad dinner complete with nuts, cranberries and the works. However, every time I open a bag of salad or put the chicken breast on the kitchen grill, I wonder if it’s safe to eat. I go through the normal process of rinsing my already three time rinsed salad, I also rinse the chicken breast. I do this to provide a safe bacteria-free meal, however, I can’t help recalling a documentary about a family who took the same precautions, yet found themselves in crises, as they were devastated by the E.coli bacteria. While I don’t live with a tormenting fear of food poisoning or food related illness, I think about it and I’m concerned.

Creative Culinary Marketing Solutions has introduced CulinaryPrep™ a revolutionary appliance that’s positioned to positively impact the way food is prepared by eliminating 99.5% of the bacteria from meat and produce. This means that you can have greater confidence that the food that is served to your family and loved ones is free from illness- inducing bacteria. The process is simple. A kitchen appliance that takes up less space than a microwave oven is used to “tumble” food to purity using a simple natural marinade and a high powered vacuum system.

The CulinaryPrep™ appliance can give you peace of mind and help you live the healthy lifestyle that you want to live without worry or fear. This is particularly good news for those who struggle with challenged immune systems due to illness or allergies, for these one incident of food poisoning could be detrimental.

CulinaryPrep™ uses a patented Grovac™ process to remove unwanted bacteria and food borne pathogens from meat, fish, and produce. I’ve been told that I will become a catfish lover again after having fish processed with the CulinaryPrep™ system! This system has been tested and refined commercially, however it was not available for use in the home kitchen until now. The CulinaryPrep™ appliance has far reaching possibilities. In addition to decreasing the likelihood of E.coli bacteria and food poisoning, the process helps food and produce retain freshness for a longer period of time after refrigeration.

There was a time when the microwave oven was a luxury item, now it has become a necessary part of everyday life. Perhaps those skilled in kitchen design should begin plans now for that little space in every kitchen where the CulinaryPrep™ appliance is placed and used as the first step in safely preparing meat and produce. Perhaps this little machine will once and for all put an end to any questions of food-borne bacteria, and lead us to better health and quality of life.

This is a product to watch and will be featured again on the Business Owners site! Great job Culinary Marketing Solutions, may this new appliance change the world!

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