Holy War

Holy War
In November 1095 in a French town called Claremont, Pope Urban II proclaimed a new Holy War against Islam for control of Jerusalem. Violence acted out in the context of Holy War, the idea that murder was sinful or morally wrong had been removed because this was the work of God. When the crusaders finally reached their destination they murdered people indiscriminately and left the place strewn with bodies and running with blood. This was the beginning of a two century war between crusaders and jihadist. This holy war is still raging only today it is called terrorism.

Chapter 10, verse 98
Any community that believes will surely be rewarded for believing. For example the people of Jonah, when they believed we relieved the humiliation and retribution they had been suffering in this world, and we made them prosperous.

Human beings will never agree on which religion God acknowledges as His because all of us have our own relationship with God. We are all born with consciousness of God and as we progress through life on Earth we are given the chance to choose which god to obey, which religion to follow and which path to take. Those of us who believe in God and chose to worship Him alone fight their own Holy War.

Starting Holy Wars for the possession of land, resources or power is the way of governments, dictators and monarchs, it is also how they control people. People accept that if someone in power says, “We are going to war!” they are saying it is because they know something we do not. War is a way of reducing the population and rearranging the pecking order. War is a diversion from what is really happening to the human race.

Fighting a Holy War on your own territory and for your own soul is a very different matter. This battle is fought by every human soul with Satan and his descendants. If everyone rejected Satan there would be no chaos or war but Satan’s greatest achievement is make human beings forget and deny he exists.

Satan’s role on Earth is to take with him to hell the souls of all those people who reject the path of God. God is forgiving but idolatry is unforgivable if we continue to idolise something alongside God until we die. Satan causes us to forget God and idolise our own egos. To survive this Holy War we are commanded to kill our egos and submit totally to the will of God. This war is difficult to fight and not many survive.

Holy War is not only about politics or religion but it is about faith and nourishing the soul. Many of us have had a crisis of faith, called out to God and felt rejected and alone. God never rejects any of us if we implore and praise Him alone, but Satan gets into our minds and makes us forget and seek solace in earthly pleasures instead.

Human beings are weak willed creatures and they give up when the slightest obstacle gets in their way. Despair is Satan’s playground, never give into despair, there is a light at the end of every tunnel and God is always there.

Holy Wars waged in order to bringing our souls closer to returning to God are tough roads to tread, but wars waged for the sake of power over others will never succeed; only Death wins. A Holy War is your own spiritual fight for righteousness.

Chapter 10, verse 100
No soul can believe except in accordance with God’s will. For He places a curse upon those who refuse to understand.

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