Why Fortune Cookies Are Good For You

Why Fortune Cookies Are Good For You
The best part of a Chinese meal, aside from eating out or ordering in, is feeding on the Fortune cookie. We are all curious about the future. One of the biggest stressors in life is living in uncertainty or ambiguity. What do the stars have in store for you? Love, wealth, or good health? What are your lucky numbers? Many of you avidly read your daily horoscope or might even seek out a psychic to predict a change in your luck. Is there any real, measurable benefit to these predictions? Well, perhaps there is.

Seeking out inspiration means you are trying to change for the better, to find an optimistic interpretation – cheaper than a therapist. Luck is a state of mind. If you are feeling lucky, you will be lucky because you will actualize your wish. Do not underestimate the placebo effect. If you believe enough, you will achieve your goal as you are doggedly determined to actualize it. Your “prediction” serves as a catalyst for hard work. And you know the harder you work, the luckier you get. Many professional athletes carry a good luck charm, or wear a lucky shirt and will not compete without them.

Horoscopes and Fortune cookies work better than affirmations. Often we don’t believe any of the affirmations we are saying. If we are down and out, why should we believe anything we have to say, when it is internally driven? However, concerning these prophetic statements, you are receptive to their messages in the first place as they seem to manifest out of nowhere, from the mystical universe, disarming your reservations. Then you make them fit the context of your life story. We all love a good story, especially one involving magic and supernatural intervention. The great thing about being the author of your story is that you can revise it for the better.

Often when you feel a bit sad or disappointed, this is the time when you are most likely to turn to a psychic, no matter how educated you are or what your profession. You are looking for a pick me up, a few positive words to activate your empowerment. Now you have the universe on your side. Destiny wants this success for you! I have personally observed people validating whatever the psychic predicted, whether through tarot card reading or aura reading, even when the psychic said the same thing to three different people! Also, some of the predictions are quite general and apply to many of us like: “Someone close to you is jealous of you. Be careful.” “There is a short trip in your future. Be sure to take it as it will yield big results.” “In order to connect with the object of your desire, your walls have to come down.” You are likely to respond: “How did she know? That’s amazing!”Very few therapists achieve such compliance.

Inspiration containing “secret” spiritual messages and visions enter your consciousness from the written word, nature, or dreams. In other words, whatever you give your attention to. If the words of Lao Tzu in a Fortune cookie, your astrological horoscope or a long lost relative who appears in a dream resonate for you, go make them happen. Look at these messages as instructions rather than prophecies. You will be happier when you know your path and fulfill your goals.
For more information on finding inspiration to fullfill yourself, read my book, Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul. To listen to archived radio shows with guest experts visit Turn On Your Inner Light Radio Show

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