XBox 360 Faceplate Cover

XBox 360 Faceplate Cover
The XBox 360 comes with a removable plastic faceplate, allowing you to snap on new faceplates to customize your XBox 360's look. This can be a wonderful way to customize the look of your XBox 360 console!

MadCatz Limited Edition E3 2006 Graffiti Faceplate
This example image is the MadCatz Limited Edition E3 2006 Graffiti Faceplate. I picked this up when I attended E3 in 2006, so this is a cool memento. I love the vibrant colors and the urban feel to it.

So, how do you use an XBox 360 faceplate?

First, the packaging. All of the XBox components we've bought have come in a thick plastic unit, to keep it safe from thieves I imagine. The faceplate plastic outerwear tells you to cut across the very top with scissors, to help you open it without damaging the faceplate. However, at the very bottom is the instructions, so you have to dig them out!

To begin installation, you have to of course pry off the starting faceplate. This isn't exactly an easy task. At the very bottom of the faceplate (beneath the USB area) is a slot that you have to pull out on. Unless you have a very strong fingernail, find a screwdriver and pull out gently. That should get the faceplate to pull off straight towards you.

You'll be able to see that there are 4 tabs on the upper face and 3 on the lower face that hold the faceplate on. The tabs don't have "edges" like I've seen on most computer faceplates, they are more rounded. Hopefully this will help them not wear out as quickly, but I'm not sure personally that I would want to continuously add and remove faceplates from this system. The tabs don't look like they would last up to multiple pulls.

Simply press the new faceplate on, and you're all set. I like the grafitti one shown, but they also have a wood-themed one, a black flame unit, a silver unit, and many other colors.

Is it really necessary to have a new faceplate for your XBox 360? Of course not. But it does add a bit of personalization to your unit, and the price is pretty reasonable!

E3 2006 MadCatz Graffiti Limited Edition Faceplate

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