XBox 360 Play and Charge

XBox 360 Play and Charge
If you have a wireless controller for your XBox 360, then you MUST get a play and charge unit. This unit lets you recharge your wireless controller - and you can even play while you do it!

In essence, this unit is both a USB power supply for your wireless controller as well as a fully functional cable to connect your wireless controller to your XBox. This means that any time you need your wireless controller to be wired - for example because your batteries ran out - you simply use this cable to plug it into the XBox's USB port and it now has power. It even charges while you play.

On the other hand, let's say you want to charge up the wireless controller and you do NOT want to play. You simply plug it into any USB port in your house, and the USB port sends power to charge it up! Yes, this can be your XBox, if you're the type to leave it on. Maybe you're watching a movie or listening to music with it. It doesn't HAVE to be your XBox, though. You can plug it into your computer. Heck, when I got my iPod it came with a power box that plugs into an outlet, that has a USB hole in it. That's how I charge up my iPod. It works just as well for this charging use.

So I find this to be a perfect solution. If your wireless controller is low on batteries and you want to keep playing, then keep playing! You plug in the cable and are set, and the controller recharges while you play. If your wireless controller is low on batteries and you do NOT want to keep playing, then you plug the play-and-charge cable into any USB port for an ON SYSTEM and it powers up.

I put the emphasis on the "on system" because a few people complain that the XBox has to be on in order for the wireless controller to charge. Well, duh! If you plug a USB item into your computer when it's turned off, does it do anything? I think not. Really, most homes should have some USB device turned on pretty much 24 hours a day - whether it's your XBox, your computer, or the plug-in-the-wall iPod type power unit. It's about as basic a charger as you could want to have, and I find it perfect!

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