New Year's Resolution - Implementation

New Year's Resolution - Implementation
As with every successful venture there are the items you'll need to make your journeys possible in the most pain-free, convenient and efficient ways. We're moving onto the next phase of your New Year's Resolution process. It's another part of your foundation for success.

We've discussed in previous articles setting up your over arching vision, mindset and process for staying on the right track when it comes to your New Year's Resolution. In this next exercise you'll plan, design and support your process to help your objectives fall into place.

Here are your three areas:


After you've got your 'who', 'why' and 'what' questions answered from your preliminary setup processes, you need to start putting in place all of the things necessary to make it all flow together smoothly.

Let's look at this from this angle. You've already chosen all that you want and need to do to accomplish your purpose and you've found that a vegetarian diet is what you believe will work best for you. So in your journal at the top of the following pages: 4, 5 & 6, you'll write:

Page 4: "The purpose of my vegetarian lifestyle is to..."
Page 5: "The menu I'll plan and maintain will have this criteria..."
Page 6: "This is how I need to structure it all..."

When you go through each page break each statement down and flesh out the answers. Take your time and really think about it keeping in mind that there is no time crunch for you to get it done. Your process of connecting with your answers, incorporating them into your lifestyle are the most important things here.

Page 4
So, what is the purpose of your vegetarian diet? Why are you choosing this type of diet? [This question is different than your life's vision and purpose question located on page 1 of your journal. This one focuses on one of the many details (your diet) that will operate in support of your overall purpose. - If you haven't been able to answer the 'life's purpose' question, don't worry and definitely don't get stuck. You can still go through this process while you are still discovering your life's purpose and destiny; you'll just simply revisit the topic until you get the answer.] Now write that answer down on page 4.

Page 5
What are you going to need on your menu to give you the best results? one that will work for your busy schedule? that's convenient? cost effective? full of flavor? and everything else that comes to your mind that will work for you? Write this answer down on page 5. If you think of something else down the line go back and fill it in.

Page 6
What's going to be your best structure that will take the pressure off, be encouraging and organically work with and for you? When will you do your shopping? organizing? pre-prepping? cooking? storing? etc.?

For me, my best structure is definitely working within a set system utilizing shortcuts and the pre-prep processes, shopping according to menu and checklists. I need to not have to think anymore about it after I've locked in on what I want to accomplish and how I need to do it.

Example... In any given month I like to have my staples on hand and pick up a few minor things from the store on a regular basis, like produce that has a shorter shelf life. I'll replenish those often but shop once every 3-6 months even up to 1 year for my more non-perishables [grains, beans, seaweed, pasta, dried fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds]. For those I spend a little time at the beginning of the process in my packaging, preserving and storing. Then all I have to do when I'm ready for them is reach for the package and I'm ready to go. No more thinking. No more creating. Everything is automatic at that point and I can put my energies on the more complex things of life.

Here's a great template for your process. You can modify it to however it will best work for you:

  1. Set your diets objective along with the powerful 'why'

  2. Set up your schedules: education; shopping; prepping; eating; storage and/or packaging; clean up; evaluation and adjustments

  3. Design your menu

  4. Make your list: shopping; organization; etc.

  5. Organize your kitchen: cabinets; refrigerator; pantry; etc.

  6. Implement your program

  7. Tweak your program

Here are a few of the things I use in my system to make my family's life easier:

  • a vacuum sealer

  • a VitaMix [a very high-end high powered blender/food processor]

  • Glass rectangular and square stack-able storage containers [anchor brand - Pyrex works as well]

  • Glass mason jars

  • 2 large stainless steel mixing bowls

  • a large whisk

  • a crock pot

  • a counter top dutch oven

  • a cutting board

  • utensils

These should all get you on your way to creating and following a successful New Year's Resolution.

For more information or to have one of your questions answered, drop me a line, stop by my forum, join my Vegetarian Resource Newsletter and definitely stay tuned in as I bring you more articles to help you effortlessly achieve your best, health, well being and wholeness throughout the life of your diet.

As always... It's been my heartfelt pleasure to share with you.
Until next time...

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