Eclectus Parrots - Introduction

Eclectus Parrots - Introduction
The eclectus parrot makes for an amazing pet bird. They are quite capable of reasoning, perception, and are highly intuitive. Compared to other parrots they are highly unusual because they are sexually dimorphic, the male and female's appearance is quite different. The female (hen) is primarily bright red and blue to purple. The male (cock) is bright green and red. Many years ago it was generally thought that the red and green birds were totally different birds while in fact, they are both eclectus.

Baby female eclectus. Photo courtesy of Cedar Hill Birds Lodi, CA Cedar Hill Birds Eclectus breeder

The eclectus has a fun personality a very clownish nature. They are highly sensitive. They are very susceptible to stress and don't often do well in a noisy hectic environment. They are capable of a tremendous amount of love and require a lot of love and attention. The need for complex games and toys is great in the eclectus. They will need lots of your time and attention.

Because of a bigger proventriculus and a longer digestive tract their dietary needs are much more complex than most parrots. Because of this they also utilized nutrients. Careful with to much fat They utilize fat quite well too and you certainly don't want an obese parrot. They need for a well-rounded choice of foods is very important. This includes protein.

They should have a good size cage, they are an active bird. They should also have a playpen on top of their cage or a standalone play stand. They should spend a significant amount of time outside their cage during the day. They need to spend a great deal of time with you and other human family members. They needs plenty of love, affection and attention. I can't stress this enough.

While not all eclectus will learn to talk, most have good talking ability. You should never purchase a parrot because of their talking ability because some will never learn to talk. They are able to learn speech and understanding speech. They have a clear crisp voice. They are also capable of a wide range of tones and sounds. They are also proficient at loud screeches though not nearly as bad as many other parrots. The louder their environment the louder the eclectus will be. The calmer their surroundings, the quieter they will be.

They usually breed fairly easily typically laying a couple of eggs. They have a lifespan on an average of 50 years. Make sure you make plans for your pet eclectus if something should happen to you.

Stay tuned for a full Eclectus care guide, food, cage, grooming, health, play and more! You will be smitten by this charming and clever parrot!

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