The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower Tarot Card
The Fool leaves the Devil and his addictions behind him as he starts out once more on his journey. He is still caught in the aftermath of being addicted to a plant that helps ease his sorrow. He finds that the pain and despair that had been temporarily dulled had now returned with a vengeance. It was all he could do to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

As the spring rain started to fall, his discomfort became even more intense as his clothes soon became waterlogged and he was forced to plod his way through the mud. He had all but given up when he saw the Tower at a fork in the road.

As he fell to his knees and crawled into the doorway, he was unaware of the deep rumblings of thunder approaching. His dog Wisdom whimpered and tried to push her master back out the door, but the Fool, in his exhaustion crawled deeper into the hallway and collapsed in a pile of sodden clothing.

He slept that way for a very long time, before being woken by a thunder storm raging above them in it's full force and fury. There were twenty two thunderbolts surrounding the tower, representing the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. People were falling or jumping from the windows as they were forced to face their deepest fears and self doubts. The Tower is on fire and breaking in half, indicating the burning and breaking of dreams and desires.

The Tower symbolizes the fall from spiritual attainment back to reality. It speaks of loss and disaster on an earthly level. This could be the loss of a home or a lifestyle one is accustomed to living. The Tower always represents the unexpected. It is the time when your world crashes down around you.

As the Tower starts to shake, the Fool realizes it is on fire and in jeopardy of falling. He tries to find the doorway out, but instead finds himself lost in the smoke that is surrounding him. The Tower seems to have gotten smaller somehow, squeezing him between the wall and the stairs which lead upward.

With nowhere else to go the Fool crawls up the stairs and finds himself in a room full of mirrors. The Tower is still shaking and twisting around him, and he can hear the screams of the people who are falling or jumping from the windows above him.

The smoke clears and the Fool finds himself facing his own reflection in a mirror. He is haggard, pale, and dirty... very much different from the happy go lucky boy he was when he started his journey. He tries to find his way out of the maze of mirrors, but instead sees himself reflected over and over again.

He feels the tower start to tip under his feet and knows that it is cracking in half. As he emerges from the hall of mirrors he sees that his only way out is to jump from the window in front of him. He hears barking below him and sees Wisdom frantically running back and forth. Closing his eyes he takes the leap of faith and jumps.

Even though the Fool is immortal, he can still feel pain. Anticipating his impact with the ground he curls into a ball. Instead of hitting the ground, however, he finds himself submerged in the moat which encircles the Tower. Kicking his way to the surface, he emerges from the moat. He is wet, but he is unhurt. The Fool has faced his fears and understands how precious his life really is.

If the Tower finds it's way into your cards, expect the unexpected. You will probably find yourself surrounded by disaster and unsure of which direction to take. You may feel unstable and unbalanced as your world is shaken and uprooted. But, understand that this is only a temporary condition and that sometimes you just have to follow your instincts and take a leap of faith to find stability once again.

The Fool stands up, shakes himself off, and walks away from the Tower with Wisdom as his side.

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