Keeping White Hair White

Keeping White Hair White
Proverbs 16:31, in the Bible, says that silver hair is the crown of glory found in a righteous life. You may or may not consider your silver or white hair a glorious crown, Never the less, white or silver hair can be very attractive if it is kept sparkling clean. Unfortunately, as hair grays, it often becomes porous, meaning it will absorb outside chemicals and residue. It can take on a dingy yellowish cast resulting from pollutants in the air, from the water your hair is washed in, or even from sun exposure.

Air pollution: Whatever is in the air around you can be absorbed by your hair. The most common source of yellowish pollutants is cigarette smoke. The nicotine sticks to your hair and if your hair happens to be white, it will turn it yellow. Smoky air will most certainly cause your hair to become dull.

Hard Water: Iron , copper, or other minerals in your water can adhere to your hair.

Swimming pools : Chlorinated water can adhere to your hair and change the color of your tinted hair or can cause your natural pigment to change.

Medication you take is absorbed into the blood stream and will eventually end up on your hair.

Sun exposure: Hair is rarely without natural pigment. If your hair is gray or silver or if it is white mixed with darker strands. The sun is an oxidant. It will cause your natural pigment to lighten. When it lightens, it will take on a warmer hue, giving a yellowish look to all of the hair.

The Remedies:
Air pollution: Avoid contaminated air. Stop smoking or stay out of environments where the air is smoky. Shampoo your hair as soon as you leave a smoky environment. Use clarifying shampoo once a week for extra cleaning.

Hard water: The best remedy for this is a water softener or washing your hair in bottled water instead of water out of the tap. Some shampoo manufacturers produce shampoo that is more effective in hard water and will help to clean the minerals from your hair. Visit your salon to receive an in salon treatment to remove minerals from your hair.

Chlorine: Enter a swimming pool with your hair already wet with tap water. Shampoo immediately after leaving the pool. Use shampoo formulated for swimmers.

Sun exposure: Cover your hair when you will be spending time in the sun. Use products that contain sunscreen.

    In General:
  • Keep your hair clean. If you are exposed to pollutants on a regular basis, shampoo everyday.
  • Use a clarifying or extra cleansing shampoo at least once a week to remove tough build up.
  • If your hair is still yellowing and looking dull, try a pigmented shampoo to brighten white hair. These shampoos are generally pigmented with lavender or violet or blue. Use the lighter shades for white hair and the darker shades for gray.
  • Home treatments:
  • Use Fruit-Fresh (used in home canning) to remove hard water stains and the green from chlorine. Add a little water, work it through your hair, leave it one for 15 minutes. Shampoo and condition.
  • Rinse your hair with white vinegar. Leave it in for about 15 minutes and rinse with clear water and condition.

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