32 Tips That Could Save Your Life - A Book Review

32 Tips That Could Save Your Life - A Book Review
I’m going to venture to say that most of us would like to raise our children amidst values that model a healthy lifestyle. I’ll even go one step further and say that defining those healthy living values can become time consuming, overwhelming, and downright confusing. Many of us have the desire but can get lost in the swirl of food, chemicals, and environment. We question whether it is really necessary to care about such things. The notion of what is good for us and what is bad for us often changes before our very eyes.

In recent times, many of us have embarked upon healthier living journeys, and we are trying to instill such philosophies within the lives of our children. Enter Dr. Doris J. Rapp, who has been helping families create safe spaces and toxic-free environments for years. Her well-known book Is This Your Child? changed the lives of children diagnosed with ADHD, allergies, and other behavior problems. She showed us that by changing food choices and environmental factors, we can help children function more effectively in the world. Her methods have eliminated illnesses, negative behaviors, and stress in the lives of children and adults worldwide.

Dr. Rapp is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric allergy. For nearly 40 years, she has been incorporating environmental medicine into her practice. In order to help the average “joe” (or Josephine) decipher all the material available to us, Dr. Rapp has written a book: 32 Tips That Could Save Your Life. This 200-page book is small enough to fit into your purse – making it easy to read while you’re sitting in the carpool lane, at soccer practice, or in the doctor’s office. It is truly filled to the brim with life-changing information.

Most of us do not realize the amount of toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis, nor how these toxins negatively impact our lives. Dr. Rapp doesn’t merely point out these harmful problems. She also offers solutions as well as resources to each of the 32 problems listed. 32 Tips That Could Save Your Life is not simple, but it is essential.

Despite the ease with which it can be read, it is overwhelming to process. There are so many changes we need to initiate, moms; and reading the book all at once can put your head in a tizzy. One starts to ponder where to begin and is soon overcome by the amount of time and money that will need to be invested for many of these changes to take place. My suggestion is to examine the table of contents and start with the topics that jump out at you. Read through the book slowly and then make a list of the goals you want to set for your family. The payoff in the end seems to be worth it.

32 Tips is easily organized into categories that make sense. Dr. Rapp begins with a section on food and drinks. She then moves inside the home and tackles room by room. In the section on household cleaners, for example, Dr. Rapp lists the harmful ingredients we should avoid in everyday household cleaners. She provides safe alternatives and lists scientific studies in order to illustrate her points. She also includes case studies from her own practice throughout the book. Finally, Dr. Rapp addresses problems outside the home and concludes with a section on living proactively.

She will have you worried about the pots you cook with, the food you put in them, and the mattresses your children are sleeping upon. You will begin to question your children’s school environment, the monthly pest control, and the greenery that grows in your yard. While the book can be quite alarming, I still feel it is essential that all parents take a look inside. Awareness is the first step to making change, and having Dr. Rapp as a teacher is a privilege. And, what mom isn’t willing to make changes that will benefit the quality of life her children are able to experience?

I received a review copy of 32 Tips That Could Save Your Life.
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