HIV Prevention

HIV Prevention
The HIV/AIDS epidemic is not the new kid on the block; however many people are still painfully oblivious to how HIV/AIDS is transmitted and/or what can be done to prevent the transmission of this deadly virus. This article will provide you with the methods of transmission along with ways to prevent the spreading of the virus.

There are only four ways that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted and those four ways are:
(drum roll please)
• Breast milk
• Blood
• Male sexual fluids
• Female sexual fluids

That’s it. HIV/AIDS cannot be passed through saliva. It cannot be transmitted through touching. You cannot contract HIV/AIDS from eating behind someone who has the virus. You cannot catch it by using the toilet behind someone who has the virus. You cannot catch it from hugging. You cannot catch it from grinding or spooning or cuddling.

The only ways that you can catch are from participating in unprotected sex, sharing of dirty needles, exposure to infected blood from an infected person to an open wound of an uninfected person and from infected mother to child through breast milk.

In the world of sex, bareback is often the preferred method of choice. However, this is the quickest and surest way to wind up HIV/AIDS positive. You need to use condoms to keep yourself safe. Not just any condom, latex condoms are the only method tested and proven to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. Even with oral sex, which holds a very low risk of passing the virus, there is dental dam available ( Dental dam takes some getting used to and is not widely used but it is out there and increases your likelihood of not transmitting the virus. While that flesh to flesh feeling is hard to steer away from, a life of HIV/AIDS is not worth the risk. You can get free condoms from your local Planned Parenthood or your local HIV/AIDS center. You can also obtain free condoms from the following websites: or

In the world of intravenous drug use, the use of “dirty” needles is a huge issue. Drug users are known for sharing needles. This is a huge mistake. There are various programs available: ( that will exchange your dirty needles with clean needles. This will help prevent the spread of the virus. If you desire help with kicking the habit all together please see: ( or ( or (

Make the right choices. Stay protected. Stay safe. Stay ALIVE!

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