What Is Intuition

What Is Intuition
Have you ever experienced an inner knowing so strong that it defies logic? Most of us have had gut instincts about something or someone without any reason other than a feeling inside. The feeling can be so strong that we feel compelled to comply with it.

Sometime these feelings are unjustified, and have no grounds, however, most of the time they prove to be right. I think that is fascinating. Most of our communication is unspoken. We glean the majority of the information we receive from body language, eye movement and mannerisms. The spoken word is less informative than our actions and behaviors. Perhaps we are picking up intuitively what is not being said verbally, or perhaps we use our confirmation bias’s to deduce our own answers.

We can tell if someone is lying to us or not being congruent, just because something does not feel right. However, intuition can run deeper than this. It can appear as a profound knowing of something without any prior conscious knowledge of it. I know I have had experiences of intuition that have astounded me. For example, I was walking home from a friend’s house, and had an image of my Christmas tree on the floor. When I got home, the Christmas tree was on the floor as I had seen in the vision.

Although it is difficult to know how I could have known about the tree falling over, I have learned to trust these visions, and insights. How many times have you had a feeling not to do something, and did it anyway, only to find the initial ‘feeling’ to be justified later? How can this be explained? Some may profess that this is reasoned through deductive processes, while others may say it is an act of divine intervention and guidance.

It seems apparent that something is communicating with us, although most of the time we drown it out with our busyness and mental chatter. Perhaps all we need to know is available to us at all times, and all we need to do is be open to receive the communication. When we are quiet we are more able to hear those inner nudges.

Meditation practices are perfect for quietening the mind, and being receptive to our intuition – in – tuition - tuition from within. I believe that we are spirit having this experience in a body, and we are in constant contact with our spirit aspect which may be what is directing us.

This may also be seen as God depending on your way of seeing life. God is said to be manifest as everything that exists, and when we are still enough It can speak to us. In the example of the tree, it does make me wonder why it was important for me to have that information. It would not have made any difference whether I walked in to find the tree on the floor with or without prior knowledge. It begs the question, what was the point of that information coming into my awareness?

On the other hand such incidences help to build trust in our ability to receive information from within. The more it is justified and confirmed the more likely we are to listen to it. Pondering such things opens up more questions than answers. It seems to me that trusting in these inner tuition's is more important than knowing where they came from. The fact that they are there is indicative that it is time to pay attention to what is being conveyed.

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