Five Tips for Overcoming Tiredness

Five Tips for Overcoming Tiredness
Owning your own business is a great life, but often we overwork ourselves, burning the candle at both ends. We get so busy that we skimp on sleep, forego exercise, and eat for convenience instead of nutrition. Your body and mind need a break, but you have a long, demanding to-do list. We all have those days when it is really hard to get going, and then when we do, we find ourselves making mistakes, forgetting details and our moods go quickly from bad to meltdown. You wish you could stretch out on the couch and pretend your work does not exist.

How can you still be productive when you are so drained, so tired you just don’t feel like doing anything?

Here are five tips for overcoming tiredness:

1—Wake-up with a Shower:

Take a shower with some citrus body wash. Showers can be quite invigorating and are a great go-to routine when you need a lift. According to aromatherapy, citrus smells are energizing, too. Try a crisp orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit smelling gel, body wash or even shampoo to help you wake up.

2—Refuel with an energizing breakfast. A cup of coffee or even two can provide a helpful caffeine boost to get you going. Eat a high-protein breakfast—eggs are a good idea, as is a healthy protein shake.

When you are sleepy, cut back on sugars and starches. Both can pump you up for a few minutes, but when your blood sugar crashes later, you will feel more tired than ever.

3—Eat healthy but light meals all day. Be sure to eat a small meal or snack every three or four hours to keep your blood sugar on an even keel. Heavy meals will require added energy for digestion, so stick to lean, light and nutritious meals. Salads, lean protein and veggies should be your main source of fuel today.

Pasta, potatoes and sweets will cause those blood sugar leaps and rebounds that will sap what little energy you have. Skip them.

3—Hydrate. Drink lots of water to keep dehydration at bay. Dehydration on top of fatigue is a recipe for headaches, grogginess and crankiness. Keep your water bottle handy throughout the day.

4—Exercise, but do an easy routine. Exercise can be quite invigorating and can really help you boost your energy. You might try a light workout in the morning, or an afternoon pick-me-up. A few stretches every couple of hours and a short ten-minute walk can keep you going.

Skip the heavy weight lifting or the long-distance run until you have replenished yourself.

5—Establish healthy practices. A daily multivitamin, regular exercise, a healthy diet and good rest habits can really help you avoid those bouts of bone-deep tiredness. Check in with your doctor to make sure you are essentially healthy. Have her rule out common fatiguing conditions like depression, anemia and diabetes. Then, follow her advice for self-care.

When you own your own business, your health is such a valuable asset that you must diligently take care of yourself. Your good health should be a business priority; be sure to allot sufficient time and resources to taking care of it.

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Walking can vastly increase your energy and improve your overall health. For information on getting started, visit the Walking Site here at BellaOnline.

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