The New Frontier For Business

The New Frontier For Business
It seems that life as we know it is changing. The housing market, financial industries, employment and government; they are all experiencing unprecedented shaking. At first glance this would seem to be the worse possible situation for our nation to find itself in. However, let’s look, beyond the surface to see if there’s a silver lining or at least a silver perspective in the midst of what appears to be sinking sand.

It’s times like these when those strategic visionaries have an opportunity to excel. What if this massive shaking causes us to discover new ways of living, doing business, growing in relationships, education and more? I’ve heard many say, and I’ve even mumbled the words myself "it will never be the same” as if claiming defeat. Then, I found myself allowing the same statement to roll around in my head but this time with blissful joy that leads me to hope. The hope that says: it will never be the same…it will be better! When any system crumbles there’s an opportunity to make it better.

I grew up in Southern California where we lived with the understanding that at any moment the earth below your feet could begin to shake. A few times I have found myself under a table or sheltered by a door frame while waiting for the rumbling and rolling to stop. Buildings crumble; roads open up and glass crashes; then the repairs and the re-building starts. However, nothing is returned to the condition it was in prior to the earthquake. The buildings are restructured or retrofitted with more appropriate material making them stronger and better than they were before.

If we can pull out the telescopic lens and focus it for long range we will discover that we are living in one of the most amazing times in our history. It’s a time to retrofit, or in some cases rebuild our systems in order to make them better. Systems collapse because they are no longer working or they are not strong enough to meet the demands put on them. It is in that collapse that the business-person with vision can meet the emerging needs of their customers, the community, the city or the nation.

Large and small businesses are doing their part in offering solutions to our new challenges of the day. Let’s take a look at a few companies that are retrofitting, restructuring or rebuilding, offering positive solutions to the widespread shaking.

We’ve known Lexus for their efficient and stylish luxury vehicles. In the past few years they’ve released their line of hybrid vehicles. Realizing that there’s more to life than driving in the comfort of soft leather seats that warm with a push of a bottom, they have increased their focus to include living an eco-friendly lifestyle. On their site you will find a tab called Hybrid living. They have done an absolutely outstanding job of providing resources, articles and more on living an eco-balanced life. You’ll find everything from art to health and beauty. The Hybrid Living section is beautifully designed and well thought out. It’s obvious that it was created with a sincere desire to provide useful information instead of just making a token “we can be green” presentation. My only criticism is that the tab for the Hybrid Living page is a little buried in the structure of the site making it hard to find. My suggestion would be to place a link on the front page or on every page allowing the reader to learn about new vehicles as well as become more aware of the environmental solutions they offer.

Lexus understands that times are changing and while they are still in the business of providing a smooth a comfortable ride, they are also willing to do their part in encouraging a greener lifestyle. The Lexus Hybrid Living site sends a strong message of care and concern for the over-all well being of the lives of their customers and community.

Sapphire Leadership Concepts
The business world has long needed a “makeover” and Sapphire Leadership Concepts may well be the company who can do it. With Founder and President Arthur Burk at the lead they are bringing a new model to the business arena. The Sapphire Leadership Concept is to build people, not just organizations, or as they state on their website “to leave a legacy”. They believe that if the business leaders focus on building people they will have a powerful impact on the world around them. This is definitely a different model than what we are used. The traditional business model to get as much money as you can while offering as little as you can is an outdated model. This is evidenced by the “tremors” that we see in the business sector. Companies are collapsing at a record rate with nothing, not even wealth to show for it.

Sapphire Leadership Concepts focuses on the social DNA of a business. This is an incredibly insightful area of focus. By focusing on the social DNA of a business, a company is able to address the issues of the current culture as they work within their strengths and not against them. As far as business models go, it is clear that one size does not fit all. This company helps businesses define their personality and to work effectively within that framework.

New Leaders for New Schools
While the slogan “No Child Left Behind” is catching I’m not sure it’s entirely fool proof. We have students working hard at the fine art of test taking while they are lacking in having a balanced and enriching learning experience. No slight on the educators. They are or should be the heroes of our society. With classes filled to capacity and never ending stacks of paperwork, there is little time left for student interaction. New Leaders for New Schools, knows that effective education takes leaders getting involved in the lives of the students. Leaders who are passionate about education and who are willing to pass that excitement on to those they lead.

Their goal is to ensure that all children have access to a quality education. They plan to meet this challenge by training exceptional leaders who will raise the bar of student achievement.

New Leaders for New Schools offers a just-in-time solution to a currently shaking sector of our society.

Are you inspired to come up with a new solution to make an old system better? If so, this is the perfect time for you! Invent something, create something, start something. Don’t be afraid of the shaking, look for a way to be of service in it and through it. People have lots of questions and you can be the answer. This is a new frontier for business. Things are shaking and we need those who are willing to restructure and retrofit to keep moving us forward.

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