The Life of a Geek

The Life of a Geek
When someone asks me what I do for a living I usually tell them that I am a geek. This answer seems to work better than telling them that I am an IT Consultant or I used to be a Network Administrator, as everyone seems to know a geek and it is easier to describe than IT Consultant (one who consults on various information technology). See my point?

So in trying to think of something to write this week I decided it would be fun and different to compose a list of what it means or takes to be a geek. Below is my list.

Disclaimer: Not all of these apply to me – I will the readers decide how much of a geek I really am.

  1. A pocket protector becomes fashionable.

  2. Everyone wants free computer advice.

  3. You are the reason every computer is not working.

  4. If you cannot fix the machine instantly then you really do not know what you are doing

  5. You’ll never get another date once labeled “geek”.

  6. Everyone will assume you are trekkie.

  7. Dilbert becomes your hero…

  8. Along with Dogbert.

  9. You speak in acronyms…

  10. that only other geeks understand…

  11. and love the look of puzzlement on the non-geeks!

  12. Your bible is Computer Shopper.

  13. A favorite past-time is pointing out all the technical mistakes in Star Trek.

  14. Caffeine is your best friend of all time…

  15. from coffee to Red Bull.

  16. You love being right and hate being wrong.

  17. The smell of new electronics is like nirvana.

  18. Solving a technical issue is like scoring the winning homerun in the second quarter.

  19. Yep, no clue about sports.

  20. The newest processor sends shivers down your back and happiness to your heart.

  21. The spare bedroom looks like a technical waste land…v
  22. and you would have it no other way.

  23. The expression “You’ve got mail” sends shivers loathing through your being…

  24. and you are still trying to figure out what to do with the 10,000 AOL CD’s you received.

  25. You can determine if a modem is working by listening to the beeps, screeches and static it makes connecting to another modem…

  26. to everyone else it sounds like noise.

  27. You dread the sentence….”Can you help with my computer?”

  28. and you never believe the statement…”I didn’t do anything – it just stopped working.”

Stay posted...more to come!

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