Book Review French Women Don't Get Fat

Book Review  French Women Don't Get Fat
Mireille Guilano has made a name for herself as a promoter of French (actually much of this can be classified at European culture in general) lifestyle and her culinary taste. She endlessly promotes the secrets of eating for pleasure and how changing your gastrominal point of view will enhance your lafe and pare down your size. Americans may find Ms. Guiliano’s first book annoying and self-promoting of the French culture. But, hey, if they have a secret and are willing to share, why not let them dish?

Mireille Guiliano clearly underlines that when eating there are no extremes necessary. First and foremost binge dieting leads to binge eating. Then binge exercising leads to binge couch sessions. Walking more and drinking more water are both key to enabling oneself to eliminating extremes. It’s an easier resolution to follow, she insists, than going to the gym three times per week. And this adhearing to no extremes takes less time out of your day. When one considers all this delivery of common sense, Americans in general will agree that this advice is a no-brainer. The bottom line is to keep all things in moderation. Easier said than done? Actually, it’s easier done.

Etiquette encourages not just the hostess but the human being to consider others and their needs, not your own. It’s about taking your eyes off yourself and focusing on the rest of the human race around you. Much like etiquette encourages one to cater to others and appreciate manners and style, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” directs the reader to enjoy the pleasures of life and not short change yourself. If you love chocolate, don’t eat a plastic Snickers Bar. Instead get one truffle and savor it. Savor life’s little pleasures. One example is an heirloom tomato when picked at its peak of ripeness. They are so sweet they resemble a strawberry rather than a beefsteak tomato, which when compared to its contemporary, tastes like water.

Enjoying little treasures and savoring them allows a person to look forward to the event. This vision and excitement fights boredom. And boredom, we have all found, has the potential to lead to over eating, over sitting and generally going backwards in our efforts to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. No boredom has the potential to getting out in the world, thinking ahead, considering others, not just your own needs.

An underlying theme of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” is to leave positive lasting impressions with people you come into contact with. This encourages freedom of thought, poise and posture. Posture is a sure-fire way to help you feel better and you are going to look taller when you aren’t slouching. It’s also a way to bring more oxygen into your system which leads to positive effects.

When you inhale and exhale it’s a cleansing motion which makes you smile. The smile leads to a positive outlook and a look on your persona which draws people you to. Posture and breathing are really ways to lose weight and relax. Hold your head erect, keep your back straight and your chin up. Relax your shoulders and arch your back. All this helps you feel better about yourself and therefore relax those around you.

Etiquette is a state of mind which encompasses many aspects of life. It’s so much more than serving tea and placing a fork in a correct position. It’s a style, a grace, a charm. “French Women Don’t Get Fat” promotes that positive outlook which leads to a glow. That glow invites people to discover your inner beauty and charm.

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