Windows Vista Built-In Diagnostics

Windows Vista Built-In Diagnostics
No matter what type of precautions you take with your computer chances are that a some point there will be some type of problem or issue. To help prevent issues and solve any issues that arise Windows Vista has a set of built-in utilities to help monitor your system and help prevent any problems or issues from arising.

Listed below are the some of the built-in diagnostics included with Windows Vista to help protect you and your system.

Disk Diagnostics
If you ever had a hard disk failure you know what a painful experience it can be to get back up and running again. What can make it even worse is not knowing that disaster is on its way and not being prepared with a good data backup. With Windows Vista built-in disk diagnostics you can be prepared for disaster before it strikes. The program detects possible disk failures and helps you backup your data and provides information about disk replacement and information about how to restore you data.

Memory Diagnostics
Bad memory can be hard to diagnose as when it is failing it is can appear that the issue is caused by faulting or buggy software. The Vista memory diagnostic program analyzes crashes and determines whether it is a software or memory issue that is causing the problem. If the program detects that it may be a possible memory problem then the system will guide you through running a memory test the next time the computer starts.

Resource Exhaustion Prevention
When running multiple applications or frequently opening and closing programs the system can start to run low on system resources which can lead to the operating system becoming unstable can causing issues with the system such as slowness, crashes and loss of data. The Resource Exhaustion Prevention program monitors the system and warns you when resources are low so you can take action to prevent the system to hang or crash.

After a warning has been issued the system will log the information into the even log with additional detail to help diagnose the problem in order to prevent the same issue in the future.

Note: All the diagnostics tools log any information that is collected into the event log with additional information for further review.

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