Cost of Birdkeeping

Cost of Birdkeeping
If you are wanting to get a bird for a pet because birds do not cost much, now is a good time to sit down to figure out what the costs actually are.

First, you have to consider the actual cost of the bird. This of course will vary from species to species, so the range would be anywhere from about $10. for one of the common finches (Zebra or Society) to several thousand dollars for some of the larger and more rare parrots.

Sure, ten dollars does not seem like much, but it would be cruel to only get one finch, so that is at least doubled before you even start. The normal coloured budgies do not cost much more than two finches, so if you want a bird that will interact with you more than a finch does, a budgie is usually a pretty good price.

You will need a cage for your bird. The price of a cage starts at about $50. for a small one, but remember that the best cage is the largest you can afford and that you will have room to place in your home. The price of the larger cages can be several hundred dollars to a thousand or more dollars. For more information on cages, please see the link in related articles on choosing a bird cage.

A bird needs food and fresh water daily. The price of bird seed is not too high, but most birds need much more than just seed. There are pelleted diets, fruits, vegetables and home cooked foods that your bird should also receive. These costs will vary with the size and species of bird that you decide to get.

Birds need toys to play with and the cost of these toys will again vary according to the species. The best toys for parrots are toys that they can destroy and many toys can be destroyed each day by some of the larger birds. The cost of the toys can be reduced by making your own toys, but parts have to be purchased to make the toys, although sometimes normal household products can be incorporated into the toys. Some birds can keep you very busy making toys, while finches are usually quite happy with a swing or some little beads on a mop string.

With any pet, you have to be prepared for a vet visit. If you bird gets sick or is injured, you owe it to your little companion to take him to the vet for treatment. That expense can run from just an office visit at about fifty dollars, into several hundred or even thousands of dollars depending on what has happened.

Please take these costs into consideration before you think that getting a bird is a cheap way to have a pet.

Please see the related links below for more information and then drop by the forum where we can discuss this topic – or any other topic about our birds.

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