Questioning Faith

Questioning Faith
For many people, faith and the art of puting their best foot forward originated early in life beginning with what our parents held dear. Years after, it was the experiences we had that molded these concepts, turning them into something a bit more personal. There can come a time, when even the most ardent of believers reach a crossroad. Whether it's repeated misfortune and devastation or unimaginable grief, a threshold can be reached calling for a parting of the ways. When it comes to faith, are we essentially doomed for questioning our spirituality or is there something more, infinitly possibly, in terms of what we came here to find?

It's no secret, especially these days, there's uncertainty across the boards. With news headlines and a shifting economy weighing heavily on the minds of people everywhere, it isn't hard to imagine, along with any personal tragedies within the home, that questions surrounding our faith, whatever that faith may be, begin taking residency where we might not otherwise have ever imagined possible.

Are we really all that bad when we've left a spiritual path? Is there really no hope or even shame when we begin acknowledging a quest for something, well, different for a time until we understand or even care to?

What we are and what we bring into this lifetime is a composite. From lifetime to lifetime we progress and regress through perrills and transition. Lifetimes before and lifetimes to come bring with them decision making properties reflective of the perpetual movements of a grandfather clock.

Not to question a belief or path or even walk away for that matter from something that is no longer working for us, is a bit like sporting a shoe from the first grade on your way to work. It isn't altogether bad, to let go of that shoe or tuck it away in a box full of memories. Your life will bring new shoes. And should you go barefoot for a time, there will be none less traveled for it. Only a softer path for the seeking. When the pebbles have been taken and the 'soul' toughened, the release, a soothing walk into the waves of the ocean, sand or plush grass will be waiting.

What you come to know of the traveling soul will leave for it a broader mind. One through which experience will bring certainty. In that certainty, the once wondering soul will find comfort. For out of all the lines, shapes and sizes, out of all the things that may be promised from any one shoe maker, there will be but one that fits best. The one shoe of many, waiting to carry this soul from that day forward, promising yet another life long destination!

Clairvoyance Editor

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