Basic Computer Concepts and Definitions

Basic Computer Concepts and Definitions
I have a friend who recently started a computer class to learn the basics of computing. After each class she would come home and tell me about what she learned in class (to show she was finally learning the computer) and then would have a list of questions about what she learned.

As I listened to her questions I realized that they were pretty basic and that the concept was probably not explained in depth in her class. I decided to use her questions as a basis for explaining some basic computing concepts and definitions.

Computing Concepts and Definitions
Open - when opening something on a computer you are typically opening a file that has been stored on the system. Opening can also be starting a program.

Close - after using a file or program you close the file or program. Typically you close the file after you have saved your work.

Copy / Paste - is the process of selecting text, pictures or files and the copying the selection to the clipboard (temporary storage area). The information is then pasted into the new location such as a different directory for files or a different section of a document for text.

Browser - a browser is used to surf the Internet. The most popular or well known browser is Internet Explorer but there is also Firefox and Opera. A browser is used to display web pages and web sites from the Internet.

Directory - a directory is a location where you store your files. There are a default set of directories that are created when the computer is setup and when software is installed. To make the saving and retrieval of files easier by creating you own directories (or directory structure) to store the files that you create.

Web Page - a web page is a single page of information that is located on the on the Internet. The page may display text, pictures or be interactive such a game.

Web Site - a web site is a collection of web pages that all relate to each other. For example, is a web site and the PC Advice Home Page is a web page that is part of the site.

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