Making a Bad Impression

Making a Bad Impression
Countless books, fiction and non, explore the ways of making a good impression. There are countless ways first impressions can lead to a friendship, romance or working relationship. Yet for every positive step an individual can make, there are 10 times more ways to irritate, annoy, nauseate and generally tick off an individual.

Here are just two ways you can be sure to make a really bad impression.

Show up at an elementary school in risqué clothing. Whether you are helping in the classroom, going to a Scout event or chaperoning on a fieldtrip, expose too much skin and the impression you give won’t be positive. Consider whether or not you have decided to wear something to a child’s school most would not wear to the gym.

The braless tank top might flatter after 5:00. It might even cause someone to buy you a drink. It may also look perfectly acceptable on a beach in Mexico. But a school setting calls for more clothing decorum. Further, short shorts and high heels might elongate your legs, but is being at school the best place to make sure the under 18 crowd and their protective parents notice your gams?

Getting along in society co-insides with etiquette in every way. You may feel comfortable in near exhibitionist attire but if those around you feel uncomfortable, you are over-stepping.

Another way to impress poorly is to arrive at a party or event with a book. You might devour books like kids with ice cream. That’s great. But when the last Harry Potter book came out did you bring it with you wherever you went?

If you did, or you attended an event (picnic, camping, bar-be-que, cocktail party) with a book in hand, you said loads to the attendees without opening your mouth. All you had to do was open your book and hole up in a corner. Hello?!! Why did you even come? If you had to read the book, rather than socialize, you should have stayed home.

All things – people, clothing, feelings, emotions – have their place. And if it has a place, it also has a time. Specific clothing has it’s time. Accessories at a gathering also have their place. This is why etiquette and consideration are important 24/7. They co-inside with the balance of life. Keep your life balanced and consider others. This will make etiquette a piece of cake.

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