Bella Tunno a Business Built by Love

Bella Tunno a Business Built by Love
If your toddler is found sporting a Bella Tunno headband or one of the other toddler accessories, they will not realize that they are a part of a story. A love story. In fact there are many Bella Tunno love stories. Kind of like those little doll containers that fit inside of each other. If you take the lid off of one it reveals a smaller one and the next reveals a smaller one and so on until there’s only the last little container. Inside of the last tiny Bella Tunno doll one would find love. Love that looks like brightly colored baby bibs that are fun and vibrant enough to be worn by the little joy bundles of celebrities like Nicole Richie, Elisabeth Hasselback and Robert Downey Jr. While that’s an impressive list that any business owner would be proud of, this company has an even greater reason to be proud. Not the kind of puffed up, big head proud. But the kind of proud that inspires people to live better, have hopes and dreams and allow the hardships of life to turn into triumphs. That’s the real success story of Bella Tunno which means Beautiful Tunno. It starts with the love of a sister for her brother and the love of the brother for the environment.

When Matt Tunno passed away it impacted his sister Michelle’s life and turned it in a whole different direction. Michelle was a busy executive going a million miles a minute and living her busy and relatively carefree life. While Michelle was focused on her career, her brother Matt was focused on doing what he could to protect the environment. He was concerned that we all have a safe place to live and a safe place for our children. Matt was passionate about this mission. While Matt, described by his sister as the funniest, kindest most intelligent person she’d ever known, was fighting the environmental battle he was also fighting another battle that countless others, both young and old fight each day, the battle against addiction. Matt’s life was cut short as he struggled to the break this stronghold. With the loss of her brother Michelle couldn’t help but to rethink her life, to consider what matters most and why. Matt’s passing came only three months before finishing his doctorate, it was important to Michelle that his work was completed. She didn’t know how she would do it but she set a course to finish his work. She also made the decision to leave her corporate life and focus on spending time with her daughter.

When it came to baby accessories Michelle didn’t find exactly what she wanted for her little girl Riley Rose. So she began making bibs and other bright and fun baby items. As other moms and dads found out that Michelle made the cute fashion treats herself, they wanted to have them for their children. Today, (three a half years later) Bella Tunno baby accessories can be found in over 1,500 outlets internationally. That is success! But the biggest success is that Michelle was able to complete her brother’s work and begin a journey of helping others. She spreads the message of hope and love by contributing to programs that help others overcome difficult struggles. Michelle says “my passion is helping people get well so that they can live their dreams".

The Bella Tunno story celebrates design and style, hopes, dreams, devotion and …love.

It didn’t take years of training to create a company like Bella Tunno. Michelle admits that she didn’t know a lot about manufacturing or selling and licensing a brand. She knew she wanted something fun and vibrant for her daughter and that she wanted to honor her brother’s memory by completing his work and she wanted to help others. She had the end in sight and also set big goals and watched them come to pass. She knew "what" she wanted to accomplish but she didn’t know how. The "how" came by asking questions and staying focused.

“Bella Tunno is a gift that allows me to focus on my family and philanthropy while creating fancy, fresh and fun neccesssories! It allows me to do what I love and love what I do on so many different levels,” says Tunno.

Sometimes in business, the success comes when the focus is put on helping someone else. I’m sure that Michelle Buelow Tunno had tough days while getting her business started, however, I have a feeling that she was powered by love and that that love kept her going.

Michelle’s Words of Wisdom:
1. Know why you’re getting up in the morning.
2. Set crazy goals and make them happen.
3. Know your risk and understand the rewards.

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