A Time Of Testing

A Time Of Testing
We go through life, living day to day, never knowing what the next moment may bring. This life is a time of testing. We are tested to see how tightly we hold the rope of faith that binds us to God who is not a cruel and revengeful God because He wants us to find our way back to him. It is a test to see which choice we make, the path of God or the path of Satan.

Our souls are very old and wish to return to God. Our bodies are weak and seek the diversions and trappings of the world over worship of God alone and the nourishment of our souls.

Chapter 2, verse 155-156
We will surely test you through some fear, hunger and loss of money, lives and crops. God gives good news to the steadfast. When an affliction befalls them, they say, “We belong to God, and to Him we are returning.”

Whenever something bad happens in life we always look for someone else to blame. We are usually responsible for the downfalls in our lives because we made the wrong choice. Sometimes things happen to us that we have no control over but it is how we deal with the difficulties of life that matters.

Despair is a way in for Satan to encourage the soul to blame God for the adversity it has befallen instead of imploring God for help, for a mess we possibly created for ourselves, and accepting that everything is God’s will. All the tests we have to endure in this life should bring us closer to God not drag us into Satan’s domain of pain, frustration and revenge.

Human beings always want what they do not need and need what they do not want. The ego is something that should be guarded and kept in check because ego can become a god. Ego encourages rebelliousness in the human being and God’s laws are disregarded in exchange for Satan’s futilities.

Chapter 6, verse 32
The life in this world is no more than illusion and vanity, while the abode of the Hereafter is far better for righteousness. Do you not understand?!

To look at God as a vengeful creator is Satan’s way of leading our souls astray. God wants only good things for His creations, but as we rebelled in the High Society so long ago, so we continue to rebel on Earth to this very day. Submitting to God is not to become enslaved or controlled because God wants us to submit to Him willing. God gave human beings the freedom of choice. Submitting to God and accepting everything He sends to us, good or bad, is letting go of feelings of despair and hopelessness in favour of knowledge that God is in full control of everything.

Chapter 52, verse 56
I did not create the jinns and the humans except to worship Me alone.

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